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dual citizenship?or not?

OK....So,I'm from Croatia and I want to become a US citizen. I did a little research on dual citizenship and it seems to have a lot of disadvantages. I want to know if I become a US citizen, do I lose my Croatian citizenship even though my both parents live there?? And if anybody knows more about dual citizenship, please help! Thanks!

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    Citizenship with several countries always depends on the policies of the countries involved.

    While the U.S. does not recognize dual citizenship, which means they don't care what you do in other countries, as long as you don't harm the U.S., Croatia permits its citizens to naturalize in another country under certain conditions without losing their Croatian citizenship.

    Here's the passage that matters:

    The law on Croatian Citizenship does not provide for the termination of Croatian

    citizenship by deprivation, which is also stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of

    Croatia, in Article 9, paragraph 2 ("No citizen of the Republic of Croatia shall be exiled from the

    Republic nor deprived of citizenship...").

    Source(s): I'm a natural-born German and Swedish citizen and naturalized U.S. citizen. I have an educational background in philosophy and political science and work as a corporate attorney in California. Since I’m an immigrant myself, I’m interested in immigration law in general and issues concerning multiple citizenships in particular.
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    adults in the US may not hold dual citizenship with other countries. It follows that, should you become a citizen here, that the US will notify Croatia that you've become a US citizen and that we no longer consider you to be a citizen of Croatia. [I'm not sure if the US will return your Croatian passport -- canceled -- to Croatia or not.]

    Should you later take any action to affirm your Croatian citizenship and the US finds out about it, your US citizenship can then be revoked without warning and your US passport canceled, also without warning. After that, you can be denied entry to the US, also without warning.

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    Citizenship is like marriage. While you can be married more than once, most people think one at a time is normal. Check with your government, whether it considers you still a citizen or not, once you've become a citizen somewhere else.

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    Croatia doesn't allow dual citizenship. Once you become US citizenship you lose Croatia citizenship, by Croatia law.

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    if you don't want to lose your naturalization passport then become green card to become permanent residence to live in usa by law, then you will be fine. No need to give up your country passport in case you give up to become usa citizenship and lose your naturalization passport.

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    you start by going for a green card ...

    Which one ???

    Green Card Through Family

    Green Card Through a Job

    Green Card Through Refugee or Asylee Status

    Green Card Through Investment

    Green Card Through Marriage

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