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草帽 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 9 years ago

on foot和on feet的差別

請問on foot

on feet

on both foot

on two feet

on both feet

on two fot


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  • 9 years ago
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    其實我只聽過on foot, on one's feet, on both feet, 及 on two feet


    A. on foot是步行或走路的意思,如:

    I go to school on foot. = I walk to school.

    B. on both feet (人有兩隻腳)

    He stands on both feet. 他雙腳站立

    He stand on his left foot. 他單靠左腳站立

    on two feet (貓狗有四隻腳)

    My dog can walk on two feet. 我家的狗狗可以靠兩隻腳走路

    C. on one's feet有以下的意思(摘自yahoo字典):

    站立著I've been on my feet all day.我站了一整天。恢復, 復原It's nice to see you on your feetagain.看到你康復真高興。自立, 經濟上獨立We are financially on our feet. 我們在經濟上是獨立的。


    Source(s): 自己+yahoo字典
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  • PONY
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    1. on foot 步行 (指從甲到乙地間的交通方式) Through the snow, it took us only two and a half hours on foot to get home. (花兩個半小時,步行回家)

    On foot and by canoe, his father, Lazarus, showed him the route that their Aboriginal ancestors had used for thousands of years. (用步行或划獨木舟的方式)

    2. on both feet 指「兩」腳;或「兩」腳上面 (強調both)

    Bend your knees slightly as you land on both feet. (兩腳落地時,稍為曲膝)

    Passing drills during soccer wasn't so bad, but by the end of practice, I had blisters on both feet.


    3. on feet (穿) 在腳上面 (不特別強調both)

    I stood there with my rucksack over my shoulder, boots on feet, and hair in cap, listening to the train chuff away towards the next minuscule stop.(帆背包披在肩,靴子穿在腳上)

    Fleece is wonderfully soft on feet, and its sponge-like weave traps warmth, even when wet. Fleece is easily wrung out, and it dries faster than wool.

    (刷毛絨做的鞋子裏布穿在腳上) 4. 沒有 on both foot 的說法,因為腳的複數是feet

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