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doctor who: i need little things significant for each doctor?

i am thinking of making a doctor who patchwork wall hanging and each patch will represent a different doctor.

so far i have:

william hartnell- walking stick, not sure what else

tom baker- his scarf and hat

peter davidson- celery stick, beige white and red colours (like his outfit), and things relevent to cricket i guess

colin baker- really colourful like his coat. maybe a question mark like the one form his collar

paul mcgann- waistcoat, pocketwatch, more victorian style stuff

christopher eccleston- not entirely sure, maybe some leather (like his jacket) and something to do with 'badwolf' and maybe the parallel universe

David Tennant- a rose (to symbolise Rose i guess xD), maybe 3D glasses and a pocketwatch

Matt Smith- bow tie, maybe a fez, and something relevant to River Song not sure what though

and i cant think of anything for the other doctors! any ideas?

and they dont necessarily have to relate to his outfit


Lucky star- yeah, I was thinking of putting the rose with David because it just seemed that their relationship was just more... Relationshippy I guess. And she has the David Tennant clone doctor living with her in the parallel universe :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    Patrick Troughton ( Doctor #2) his recorder ( music instrument)

    Jon Pertwee ( Doctor #3) Bessy his yellow car- ruffled shirt and black cape

    Sylvester McCoy ( Doctor #7) Umbrella with ? mark handle/ vest with ? marks

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    10 years ago

    Umm, for David Tennant, maybe you could do 3D glasses and then his catchphrases (alonsy, etc) written in the background and then maybe a rose for Christopher Eccleson? Because Rose was with him before David Tennant?

    Also, definitely a fez for Matt Smith, that is a must! and possibly a stetson too :D

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