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Whats aluminums state of matter in STP?

Please help me with Chemistry. Im doing a project on the element Aluminum and I saw that I need to say what aluminums state of matter is in STP. My teacher never spoke about this. Whats STP? Whats aluminums state of matter in STP? Thank you so much for any of the help you are willing to give. Also, what is the elements ground state electron configuration?? I am so lost in chemistry. Luckily I finished most of the project. Again, any help would be really appriciated :)

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    STP = standard temperature and pressure.

    STP is usually used with gases and has these values:

    P = 1 atm

    T = zero Celsius or 273 K

    Your teacher is slightly confused. What you want is aluminum's state at standard conditions, which is slightly different than STP. (Yes, it can be confusing.)

    Standard state is this:

    P = 1 atm

    T = 25 C or 298 K

    Aluminum's standard state is solid.

    The ground state configuration is when all of the electrons of a give element are in the lowest possible energies of the orbitals available.

    For Al, the ground state configuration would be this:

    1s^2 2s^22p^6 3s^23p^1

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    STP is standard temperature and pressure (i.e. : 101.3 kPa (1 atmosphere, 760mmHg) and 0 degrees Celsius (273 kelvin)

    STP is usually used to establish standard conditions for easier comparison of properties. aluminum, at 0 degrees Celsius, is solid.

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