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How do I make a bot like the Clever Bot?

I've done some research into making chat bots. Everything I've seen so far has been like customizing the chat bot. I don't want to customize but I want to make a chat bot that can learn from what people say, like the clever bot. Is there any way to do this?

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    Clever bot works by people constantly feeding it information, if your going to make a bot - it will need a response. Clever bot is ran by a company, not one programmer, within its context - it will respond to your question as adequate as it can to fulfill your question. It's a database filled with tens of millions of questions which is being constantly fed.

    I can't tell you how to customize or make a chat bot but I wish this has helped you understand the concepts behind a chat bot.

    Good luck.

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    I know I'm years late, but Clever Bot is a bunch of If, Then, Else statements. I am making a Terminal and have made a Chat Messenger (Over LAN) and it has worked perfectly fine, just by using:

    If TextBox1.Text = "help" Then'

    RichTextBox1.Text = "Please input a command"



    That easy. Use what you will with that code, but that was done in Visual Studio.

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    I would of thought Clever Bot is more or less a bunch of If, Then, Else statements but that's coming from a person who has a Python background.

    What language were you hoping to be in?

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