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Old But Uncommon Boys' Names?

I like uncommon names, but I really dislike a lot of the new ones, like Brayden and Kage. Any suggestions?

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    Alastair, Jasper, Casper, Caspian, Cassius, Orion, Lewis, Lawrence, Orin, Dallin, Talon, Tavis, Vincent, Zachariah, Zacharias, Alec, Abel, Kane, Keane, Clarence, Davis, Blaine, Clayton, Clinton, Clark, Kent, Kenton, Kirk, Isaac, Isaiah, Irving, Innis, Stanton, Sullivan, Sterling, Lincoln, Emerson, Edison, Elliot, Benton, Benson, Anders, Anderson, Oskar, Soren, Sorenson, Christian, Bastian, Sebastian, Grant, Graham, Garrett, Gareth, Griffin, Griffith, Phineas, Abram, Abraham, Adair, Eben, Allen, Angus, Amos, Ansel, Arthur, Beau, Bennett, Booker, Bradford, Braxton, Brigham, Burke, Byron, Myron, Caleb, Calum, Calvin, Charles, Carl, Carlton, Cedric, Curtis, Cyrus, Cyril, Darius, Adair, Damien, Dean, Dennis, Desmond, Denzel, Dixon, Drake, Douglas, Craig, Barry, Gary, Lowell, Donnelly, Ernest, Harold, Ewan, Ezra, Ezekiel, Flynn, Fletcher, Fraser, Franklin, Frederick, Gregory, Gordon, Greer, Guy, Hamish, Harmon, Harrison, Hyrum, Hudson, Jericho, Jude, Keith, Kenneth, Lance, Lars, Lee, Leif, Larsen, Leander, Leonard, Oleander, Olivander, Orson, Lochlan, Lucian, Orwell, Micah, Malcolm, Malachi, Roman, Theodore, Timothy, Thomas, Russell, Terence, Samson, Simon, Simeon, Toby, Tobias, Victor, Vincent, Anton, Anthony

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    Amsden, Branford, Bray, Brinley

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    Source(s): My name is Craig and I love my name. I don't know many ppl with that name.
  • edward isn't heard very often these days

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