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Kayley asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 9 years ago

How should I do my makeup for tonight?

Tonight we have a halloween dance. This is my costume:


I want to do a dramatic eye. Also any other makeup stuff. I wanna be a cute witch. I have this huge thing of eyeshadow so i probably have the colors. I also have cream eyeliner, lots of mascaras, primer, blush, bronzer, and lipglosses. I wear contacts. I have medium sized brown eyes. I have black brown shoulder length hair that has sidebangs and razor cut layers. I have palish olivey toned skin. I have pretty long eyelashes. I have freckles on my apples of my cheeks and across my nose. I have sorta big lips. I love my eyes and want to make them the center of attention. Also I'm 14. No videos please. Just instructions and pictures to go with those instructions.


If you give me ideas for hair you'll be more likely to get best answer. My hair is curly but I can straighten it.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If you leave your hair curly, try a side ponytail. If you straighten it, leave it down and maybe add some little braids and tie them off with beads. Add some green and black feathers if you can.

    For the eyes, purple eye liner. Taper off at the inner corner so you aren't drawing the line all the way to the end. The line will be much thicker on the outer corner. Use a shell/sand/honey color from brow to lid as a base for your shadows. Make sure you've primed with concealer first. Now, take a dark color. I think a plum purple would be fabulous, but you can experiment with bronzes or greens as well. Use an eyeliner brush to draw a V shape on the outer corners of your eye. The point of the V will be the corner, and the sides will be crease and along with your eyeliner on your top lid. Now take a bigger, angled eye shadow brush and use the same dark color to shade the outer corner where your V is. The V shape will be smeared a little, but this is blending. You can use your fingers at the end to blend and create a flawless look. The more dark color you use on the outer corner of your eyes, the more dramatic the look. You can really go all the way to your brow bone doing shading with the dark color.

    Now you need a metallic diamond white eye shadow for the inner corner of your eyes. Use some underneath the eye if you want more glam. Take another white color, one that is less sparkly, and use it to highlight your brow bone.

    You need fabulous lashes. Make sure you curl them, at the base and at the ends, and apply like 3 coats of your favorite.

    Use concealer underneath your eyes to brighten them up. Also highlight your T-Zone. Use a soft glowy pink blush on the apples of your cheeks, and contour with a darker shade if you like.

    For your lips just go with a sparkly shiny gloss that you like. If it has a slight tint to it all the better!

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    9 years ago

    as you said your eyes are the best part, high light them more. If you have a grey eye pencil use that to border line your eyes and a petrol shadow on the outer third of your lid. Thats gonna really look witchy and go for a matt lip stick than a gloss and go for colours very dark. Like dark brown almost near black. As far as your hair tweak some and straighten some and add a synchronous colour

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Straight hair, and make your makeup like dark green and stuff. i don't know allot about makeup so i hope i helped u a little.

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