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Wing Yiu asked in 社會及文化語言 · 9 years ago

20點嫁!請大家幫下手ar...English report


要有:書名.作者.出版社名稱+ 多過150字 的讀後感


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  • 9 years ago
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    -----------To yoy an Eng bk report on 2222 Pinocchio--------------

    Pinocchio(FavouriteTales,stories)by LadybirdFavouriteTalesCo.

    The story(1)A woodcarverGeppetto,who made a puppet,and sent it to sc(2)He was invited to join a travelling puppet show business.(3)Having finished,he met a cat&fox who hanged and stole his money.(4)But when he told lyingly to a fairy,his nose grew longer.(5)He met the cat&fox gang again trapped into a prison(6)Then he was sold to a CircusToyland by bad boys,thrown into sea,swallowed by fish.(7)Rescued Geppetto from fish's belly&rescued by Fairy.(8)Became a real live boy at last.

    How can Author writes two famous places=fairyland+Circus?

    How can Pinocchio met bad cat&fox twice?

    How can he met Fairy twice?

    How can the nature of wood saved him from hanging copse&drowning up water-plantation? Note:-A carpenter works with wood.In Chinese Pinocchio sounds like"Evergreen bridge woodland wood"

    This is an Eng Bk Report I try to present on.

    Source(s): me
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