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請多給我幾個具體的例子! 謝謝!

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    A. 兩字相異處

    Oxymoron= (n.) technical writing a deliberate combination of two words that seem to mean the opposite of each other, such as ‘cruel kindness’. (矛盾修辭法);特意將兩個字義互為矛盾的字組合在一起,例: cold hotdogs 冷的熱狗; holy war神聖的戰爭; a great bad guy很棒的一個壞蛋; urban ecology都市的平衡生態環境; collaborative divorce攜手合作辦理離婚…)。所以,在引用Oxymoron時,務必會讓讀者或聽眾,得知究竟是哪個字是個Oxymoron,如下例: To people who enjoy spending time in wilderness, " car camping " is an oxymoron. There are no longer any rules of engagement, given the nature of the attack of Sept. 11, 2001, with the added negative ingredient of a declared " holy war " (another oxymoron). Consequently, I do agree with your placement of HP at the bottom of the reliability and service list for printers. What disturbed me was that in the same issue you listed the HP Photosmart Plus All-in-One printer as a Best Buy Top 10 Inkjet Multifunction Printers. It seemed almost like an oxymoron - a " bad good buy". Today, of course, this trend continues as people and commercial goods flow seamlessly around the globe, accompanied by a host of undetected weeds, pests, and pathogens. The term "urban ecology" might seem an oxymoron. Paradox (n.) a. [C] =a situation that seems strange because it involves two ideas or qualities that are very different: 一種自相矛盾的情況

    b. [C] [U]=a statement that seems impossible because it contains two opposing ideas that are both true. 一種自相矛盾的論述 不似oxymoron很明顯地可以讓對方看到一個互為矛盾的組合字,在使用Paradox時,反而較常指兩個成對比矛盾的一種狀況或主張論述,所以未能看到某個互為矛盾的組合字出現。例: It’s a paradox that in such a rich country there can be so much poverty. (矛盾的情況) His answer to the question is full of paradox. (矛盾的論述) Even though evolutionary biologists long have recognized this discrepancy, called sexual dimorphism, they have struggled for decades to solve a major paradox: How can males and females of one species be of different sizes, given that they share the same genetic blueprints dictating their development and growth? (矛盾的情況) be continued

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    B. 兩字相同處

    總之,若要問paradox, oxymoron有何相同之處?那麼就是 An oxymoron is usually comprised of two paradoxical words. 或 Two words whose meanings are paradoxical to each other can be combined into an oxymoron.

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    Paradox noun

    1.A statement or proposition that seems self-contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth.一個自相矛盾,荒謬的陳述或建議,但也有可能成事實.

    2. a self-contradictory and false proposition.

    3. any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature.

    4. an opinion or statement contrary to commonly accepted opinion.

    Ex.The faster he tried to finish, the longer it seemed to take him.It is quite a paradox. 他越是想快完成, 似乎就做得越慢, 在是很矛盾。

    The paradox of earth is that it cradles life and then entombs life. 大地的妙在于它既生万物, 亦埋葬万物。 這裡有很多例句An oxymoron (plural oxymorons or oxymora) (from Greek ?ξ?μωρον, "sharp dull") is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. Oxymorons appear in a variety of contexts, including inadvertent errors such as ground pilot and literary oxymorons crafted to reveal a paradox.


    Figure of speech ph. 片語 中文雅虎字典

    【語】修辭; 比喻說法

    Oxymoron 是意思相反之形容詞與名詞組合而成的“複合詞”

    Ex.: cruel kindness 殘酷的仁慈, thunder silence 雷聲般的沉默,

    a mournful optimist憂傷的樂觀主義者……..

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