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Dallas/Fort Worth has one of the highest crime rates.Mental health support is needed for military/other.?

Because DFW laws are strongly influenced by the local Southern Baptist 'system', a tolerance for illegal/abusive behavior toward women and children is not handled by legal authorities. Some of this type of deviant behavior is exhibited by military, although a significant percentage is exhibited by local residents without any military affilitation. The DFW prevailing culture is pre-1950s for domestic abuse.

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    There is a history of how this sort of thing has changed in other parts of the Country. It seems to start always with changes in the law and changes in police and prosecution policy. Then the arrest rate goes up, dramatically sometimes. After that, people realize that improvement is needed in mental health support and it gets budgeted. Changing laws can start with one individual person making a statement at a County Board of Supervisors meeting, or other law making bodies, as a retired government worker I saw it happen several times. I suggest you consult an attorney on making such a statement, then do it, you may be surprised. Just off hand, it would probably be wise to avoid saying anything about the Southern Baptist System when making such a statement. Good luck with this.

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