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英文問答 兩題

1. Why did you choose your major? You have been studying at Shih Chien University for at least 1 year. Do you like your major? Why or why not? What kind of job do you want in the future (If you haven’t thought about your future job, you don’t have to answer this question)? (at least 80 words)

2. Do you agree with the homo economicus assumption that people should maximize their self-interest in their economic activities? In other words, do you agree with the idea that greed is good? You can support your opinion with your own experiences or some materials used in this class, including the song “Another Day in Paradise” (about poor homeless people), the “Greed is Good” speech in the movie “Wall Street,” the ultimatum game we played in class (where many of you would be willing to give $50 of the $100 to your partner), the movie “In Good Company” (where the company lays off workers in order to maximize its profit, to satisfy its bosses’ greed), the Dodge v.s. Ford lawsuit (, which made sure that the main purpose of having a company is to maximize profit, not to serve customers or employees), the Chaplin’s (卓別林) speech and the song “Imagine” (, which represent the ideal of the Occupy Wall Street movement), “The real risk to US debt’s credit rating” article (, which explains the relation between greed and global debt crisis), the Adam Smith’s quotes, the Harvard debate about business responsibility, and the price gouging article (which describes how business people made money out of hurricane victims) (At least 120 words, and whatever opinion you have about greed is fine and will not influence your grade)






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