Can I get in Stanford, Duke, or JHU with a 3.91 GPA?

I'm a Senior in High School. I have focused on the medical field. I want to major in Biomedical Engineering. I have already created a list seeing that I'm applying soon. The top being JHU, Duke, and Stanford, as well as UW, Berkeley, and UPenn, I have two safe schools and I'm only really applying to UPenn, because well, its an Ivy. I have done research but it turns out their program is actually really good. My Freshman Year was my only fault in my high school career as of now. I had a 4.0 GPA in Sophomore, Junior, and working on it again in Senior.

Freshman Year:

GPA: 3.59(No APs)

Cross Country, Swimming

Took Health and Pacific Northwest History during the summer.

Business Program at Central Washington University( 2 credits)

Sophomore Year:

GPA: 4.0(AP Environmental Science, AP World History)

Key Club

Math Club

Varsity Tennis

Virginia Mason Volunteer

Library Volunteer

Junior Year:

GPA: 4.0( AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB, AP US History)

Key Club

Math Club( Vice President)

Virginia Mason Volunteer

Library Volunteer

National Honor Society

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Summer Internship

Varsity Tennis Ladder 1(Districts)

USTA Rank(United States Tennis Association)

SAT Score: 2190

Senior Year:

(AP Calculus BC, AP Physics)

Key Club

Math Club President

Varsity Tennis Ladder 1(Districts)

Virginia Mason Volunteer

National Honor Society

So far i have gained about 1,340 Community Service Hours. I'm half Korean, half African American. My main wondering is if these schools will forgive the fact that I had several B's and was not that involved in school. Will they look past that, or take that as an important issue?

Thanks for the help.

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    All of that is impressive and should give you a good chance at any of the schools you named. Keep in mind that the other parts of the application (reference letters, test scores, entrance essays, etc) are equally as important as all of the qualifications you listed here.

    Your freshman year's gpa won't be too important as long as all the other years are good. If necessary, you can always explain that away. Tell them you weren't yet focused on your future, and how you've grown since then. The college courses you took that year will look great on your applications.

    The leadership experience you have will definitely help. Those are elite universities that set the standard for everyone else, and they want their students to do the same.

    Other bonuses are the AP history classes you took. They show you can do well in areas other than your intended major.

    With the information you've written here, you should be a strong applicant, just remember to get good reference letters, SAT scores, and do well on your application essays.

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