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Jobs in the Marine Corps before applying for US Marshals?

I am enlisting in the Marine Corps and have decided to choose the mos 8156 Security Guard to be an Embassy Guard. I plan on applying for the US Marshals after my term. I'm unsure if the mos I chose would be the best choice for my future career. Would this mos be beneficial for me or would another mos be better to prepare myself for a future career in the US Marshals?


I have 4 semesters done of college in the criminal justice field. I plan on obtaining a BA in either CRJ or History while enlisted. Im not going to kid myself it will be difficult to be but I was hoping that the Marines would provide adequate experience for the Marshals. I believe I didn't explain myself clearly. Would the embassy guard job be good enough or should I choose an mos in Security Forces or a similar field to help me prepare more for my future?

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    Not really

    While the Marshals service does NOT require a 4 year college degree, like other federal law enforcement

    To be competitive, you do need a college degree and/or actual law enforement experience.

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