Who are the Paisa people of Colombia;do they have a Jewish origin?

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    As in the American Southwest, in the department of Antioquia, Colombia, as well as in the greater Paisa region, many families also hold traditions and oral accounts of Jewish descent. In this population, Y chromosome genetic analysis has shown an origin of founders predominantly from "southern Spain but also suggest that a fraction came from northern Iberia and that some possibly had a Sephardic origin". The Medellín tradition of the marranada, where a pig is slaughtered, butchered and consumed on the streets of every neighborhood each Christmas has been interpreted as an annual affirmation of the rejection of Jewish law.


    It is a matter of debate of the presence of Jewish ancestry in the Paisa people. It has been possible that Spanish Jews (known as marranos) fleeing the Cartagena de Indias Inquisition took refuge in the Antioquian mountains during the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Some Colombian authors like Jorge Isaacs and Miguel Ángel Osorio claimed that Paisas have Jewish ancestry. Several Paisa surnames are of Jewish origin like Alvarez, Espinosa, Perez and many others. Some scholars agree that the presence of Sephardic Jews in the ancestry of Paisas is a fact, but it does not mean that all Paisas come from them, as proven by their origin in other groups like Basques, Extremaduran, Andalusian and Catalonian.


    Samples were taken from 80 individuals in Medellín from among students and staff of the Universidad de Antioquia Medical School and San Vicente de Paul University Hospital. To select individuals of Antioquian ancestry, we applied a genealogical interview that recorded the names, dates, and places of birth of ancestors up to the great-grandparents. None of the selected individuals shared any of the ancestors recorded in the interview.

    Interestingly, haplotype 4, which carries a DYS388 allele with 16 repeats, corresponds to the Cohen modal haplotype (CMH) of Thomas et al. (1998). This haplotype has frequencies >10% among Jewish populations but seems to be rare in Arab populations and has been proposed as an indicator of Jewish ancestry (Thomas et al. 2000). Two other haplotypes (12 and 29) are one mutational step away from the CMH. Haplotypes 3 and 5 also match haplotypes detected among Jewish populations; they correspond to haplotypes 2 and 27 in Thomas et al. (2000). In that survey, Antioquian haplotype 3 was observed only among Sephardic Jews. These matches occur in haplogroup C and, on aggregate, imply that ∼14% of the Antioquian haplotypes could have a Jewish ancestry.


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    the majority of colombians are mestizo (white + native american)

    so they have spanish and native american origin by far

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    no, they have Christianity origin

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