LSD and athletes. What are the long term effects?

I have friends who are going to try acid (lsd) over the weekend. However they are all athletes two of which who have very bright futures. I have been trying to convince them not to because I know there are some risks I just don't know what some of them are, if any. I don't want to get in the way of there fun, but I am worried. Is there anything to worry about or will this cause no long term effect?

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    LSD is a very misunderstood chemical due to a large amount of scarelore surrounding it. LSD cannot be physically addictive, it is not known to cause physical damage, and has extremely low toxicity relative to dose. It is assumed that 12,000µg+ might start to cause problems for the inexperienced, while 70,000µg+ is assumed to be lethal. There are no recorded deaths due to LSD overdose. Keep in mind that 100µg is enough to produce an eight hour trip.

    There are some cases of LSD inducing mental problems in people who appeared to be healthy before taking LSD. Some research tends to show that LSD can trigger mental health issues if the certain mental issue is a problem in a person's family history.There is also some indication that LSD may trigger a dissociative fugue state in individuals who are taking certain classes of antidepressants. To date there is still no definite link connecting LSD and mental health, and these risks only affect certain people.

    A psychedelic crisis (bad trip) is a risk that can affect nearly everyone, but can easily be avoided. Mindset, Setting, and Knowledge are key. If you are in a good mood, surrounded by a pleasant physical/social environment, and have researched the ACTUAL effects of LSD, the chances of having a bad trip a virtually non-existent.

    The most serious risk comes from the chance that the drug you think is LSD might not be LSD at all, and actually a research chemical that produces similar effects. (e.g. 2C-e, 2C-i, DOC, DOx, DOB, DOI, LSA, STP, Bromo-DragonFLY, etc.)

    The reason being greed and lack of LSD production. There are ways to test for LSD however.

    And as always LSD (like most drugs) will likely lower inhibitions. Common dangers won't seem so dangerous. Many myths stem from this fact.

    Although LSD may seem to cause poor judgment, in reality the ability to THINK before you ACT is still there.

    I would suggest reading up on LSD research from unbiased sources. Two examples would be

    Also you might want to compare LSD to other drugs (legal and illegal). It is actually one of the safest drugs there is. I've included three charts below. Share the knowledge with your friends.

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