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Atheists: What charity do you support?

We all know ALL true Christians tide and support a charity. I've personally donated my time at different battered women shelters looking for 10 year old mixed boys with green eyes, curly hair and caramel skin to play basketball with (to no avail.) I also donate to toys for tots, feed the children, and children's cancer foundation. What do atheists do with their money? That's right, they just complain about God all day.

But for the 0.001% of you that actually do, what's your favorite charity?


"U mad bro?" Do you think you're even being 12% Original? The first person to use that was cool, the rest of you are just follower drones.

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    My stepdaughter got involved with a battered women's shelter when one of her childhood friends ended up needing the services of that organization. I have contributed to them when they run their fund-raiser.

    Maybe once per week my wife and I donate a small chunk of change for a "Feed the Kids" group.

    I have in the past donated to certain facilities for crippled children.

    When the Toys for Tots campaign comes around just before Christmas, I contribute something to that group. Usually just cash because I have no clue any more as to what toys are trending these days.

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    Wow, I feel sorry for how misguided you are. Most Christians are lazy and think that because they are "saved", they can do whatever they want and disregard other people's problems. Most of the great innovators of our times are atheists. Next time you get treatment in order to become healthy, think about the atheists who are changing our world, not holding us back. I'm an atheist, by the way, and I donate to charities every year. You must be a teenager or a really sad excuse of an adult for posting this question. Perhaps a troll. AND, you should not be calling anyone follower drones when you are a sheep yourself. And stop donating to the churches who just sit on that money like kings, only to spit some out when they have to settle an abuse trial.

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    I don't have any specific charity that i donate to but if i'm out shopping or something and have some spare change i'll generally put it in any charity box that supports a good cause.

    Not sure where your getting the numbers that only 0.1% of atheists donate, because that it completely ridiculous and there isn't any logic behind it.

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    Boy, are you generalizing. But to answer your question...

    American Red Cross

    Susan G. Komen

    MN Childrens Hunger Fund

    Sea Turtle Restoration Project

    To say nothing of helping out individual neighbors of mine when they have fallen on hard times, without being prompted by religion or needing a charity.

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    I generally donate about $5000 a year to the United Way. My wife does volunteer work during the week at the homeless shelter.

    I don't think jebus would care much for your pathetic self righteous attitude. Keep it up boy-you be in hell with us atheist for hubris and self righteousness.

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    It's called TITHE btw. Not TIDE. Well aren't you 'gods' gift to humanity. Would you like a gold star and a sucker? Just because someone is atheist doesn't mean they have no heart and don't give to charities. This in my opinion is just an ignorant question.

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  • Planned Parenthood, Children Int'l.

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    You tide? Or do you mean tithe? I guess one could expect an uneducated "Christian" who assumes that only Christians support charity (I know many who don't do anything outside tithing to their church).

    My atheist friends support my food bank, the local women's shelter, and also participate in knitting scarves for the homeless.

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    Habitat for Humanity, Educate America, Goodwill, Ronald McDonald Charities

    u mad bro?

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    Last I donated anything it was to the breast cancer fond, let me just say I didn't donate much as I'm still in school and ain't got much of an income.

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