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Why is she topless in Liberty Leading The People?

She has no shoes and her breasts are exposed. What does that symbolize?

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    Traditionally, in Romantic paintings, having bare chest on show meant that she was not like other bourgeois, proletariat or peasant women, but having her breasts on show indicated power and even supernatural strength. The bare breasted lady is indeed not a lady at all but a symbol personified by Marianne – a French goddess-like figure and “robust woman of the people”. She symbolizes the French Republic. Liberty in Delacroix’s painting is no ordinary woman – she is a revolutionary goddess! She is a unashamed goddess-like warrior, who symbolizes the Revolution and the Republic, and not a depiction of women’s status in society of the time.”

    “It’s subject matter is not about sex or sexuality but about the power of the revolution, the breasts are symbolic, not a pair of pneumatic boobs of a ‘page three stunna’.”

    “In 83% the paintings of women in the Metropolitan Museum, in New York the women are naked– this is replicated all over the world in art galleries.”

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    The open breast of the lady not only symbolizes the feminine source of human life but also it is the symbol of frenzies that she experienced after the revolution. Here you can read some about the symbolism of the painting,

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    When a figure is a goddess or representative of a characteristic or figure such as liberty they do not have to follow the usual conventions of paintings and can be nude. In fact in order to paint any woman nude in the early days the artist had to title her Venus, Aphrodite or Liberty otherwise it would have been scandalous. When Manet painted Luncheon ont he Grass (Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe) and used the faces of real people of the time it was the biggest scandal. Nude = imaginary person.

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    I think it symbolizes how to lead the french? I kid, I kid.

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