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Which one of these Yugioh decks are best (see list 2)?

This is part 2 of my previous question. My friend is selling some decks. Which of these are best?



Destiny hero


Lightsworn deck




(1) Raviel, Lord of Phantasms (LC02-EN003) Ultra Rare

(1) Dark Lucius LV8 (CDIP-EN011) Ultimate Rare

(1) Evil Hero Malicious Edge (GLAS-EN003) super rare

(1) Dark Ruler Ha Des (LOD-001) Ultra Rare

(1) Master Monk (TLM-EN020) super rare

(1) Dark Lucius LV6 (CDIP-EN010) Ultimate Rare

(1) Slate Warrior (WC4-003) PARALLEL SECRET

(1) Grave Ohja (TLM-EN017) Ultimate Rare

(1) Fusion Devourer (STON-EN020) Ultimate Rare

(1) Gemini Imps (PP01-EN005) SECRET RARE


(1) Evil Hero Dark Gaia (GLAS-EN040)

(2) Big Piece Golem (TDGS-EN008)

(3) Fossil Tusker (TAEV-EN086)

(3) Diskblade Rider (LODT-EN035)

(2) Grave Ohja (TLM-EN017)

(3) Dark Fusion (GLAS-EN047) spell card


(2) Evil Hero Dark Gaia (DP06-EN010)

(2) Power Invader (ABPF-EN009)

(3) Gigantes (IOC-021)

(2) Koa'ki Meiru Sandman (TSHD-EN028)

(2) Gogogo Golem (GENF-EN002)

(1) Medium Piece Golem (TDGS-EN007)

(1) Small Piece Golem (TDGS-EN006)

(1) Poison of the Old Man (YS11-EN029) quick-play spell card

(1) Coffin Seller (SDMA-EN032) continuous trap card

(1) Explosive Urchin (GENF-EN065) continuous trap card

(1) Dust Tornado (YS11-EN033) trap card

(1) Wild Tornado (5DS3-EN029) trap card

(1) Defenders Intersect (STBL-EN066) trap card


Destiny Hero


(1) Destiny Hero - Dogma (POTD-EN014) Ultimate Rare

(1) Gilford the Lightning (CT2-EN001) SECRET RARE

(1) Destiny Hero - Dreadmaster (EOJ-EN004) Ultimate Rare

(1) Eternal Dread (DP05-EN030) super rare


(1) Destiny Hero - Dasher (POTD-EN017)

(1) Destiny Hero - Double Dude (DP05-EN005)

(1) Destiny Hero - Fear Monger (DP05-EN009)

(1) Destiny Hero - Defender (DP05-EN006)

(2) D - Chain (POTD-EN050) trap card

(1) D - Time (EOJ-EN053) trap card

(1) Draining Shield (AST-054) trap card

(1) Graceful Revival (TDGS-EN064) continuous trap card


(2) Destiny HERO - Dunker (PTDN-EN014)

(1) Destiny Hero - Fear Monger (POTD-EN016)

(2) Destiny Hero - Departed (PTDN-EN015)

(2) Destiny Hero - Captain Tenacious (DP05-EN002)

(2) Destiny Hero - Doom Lord (LCGX-EN122)

(2) Destiny HERO - Dread Servant (LODT-EN004)

(2) Destiny Hero - Blade Master (POTD-EN015)

(1) Destiny Hero - Defender (POTD-EN013)

(1) Obnoxious Celtic Guard (SD5-EN007)

(3) D - Formation (LODT-EN048) continuous spell card

(2) Dark City (DP05-EN019) field spell card

(2) D - Spirit (DP05-EN017) spell card

(1) Destiny Draw (GLD3-EN044) spell card

(1) Cyclone Blade (DP05-EN018) equip spell card

(1) Destiny Mirage (POTD-EN049) trap card

(2) D - Fortune (LODT-EN066) trap card


Lightsworn deck


(1) Shire, Lightsworn Spirit (SOVR-EN082) super rare

(1) Worm Barses (HA01-EN018) super rare

(1) Honset (TWED-EN001) Ultra Rare

(1) Lightsworn Sabre (TDGS-EN059) super rare equip spell card

(1) Magical Mallet (DP2-EN024) super rare spell card

(1) Monster Reincarnation (RDS-EN045) super rare spell card

(1) Scapegoat (SDJ-041) super rare quick-play spell card


(1) Book of Moon (PGD-035) quick-play spell card


(1) Judgment Dragon (LCGX-EN249)

(1) X-Saber Urbellum (5DS3-EN040)

(1) Genesis Dragon (GLD4-EN028)

(3) Gragonith, Lightsworn Dragon (LODT-EN025)

(3) Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior (LODT-EN020)

(3) Jain, Lightsworn Paladin (LODT-EN018)

(3) Milla the Temporal Magician (GENF-EN038)

(1) Herald of Creation (SDRL-EN003)

(3) Jenis, Lightsworn Mender (TDGS-EN025)

(1) Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (TU01-EN019)

(1) A/D Changer (DREV-EN005)

(1) The Warrior Returning Alive (YS11-EN027) spell card

(1) Lightwave Tuning (TDGS-EN050) spell card

(1) Foolish Burial (SDMA-EN026) spell card

(3) Lightsworn Barrier (TDGS-EN075) continuous trap card

(3) Light Spiral (LODT-EN070) continuous trap card

(1) Localized Tornado (EXVC-EN079) trap card

(1) Wild Tornado (5DS3-EN029) trap card

(1) Crevice Into the Different Dimension (TSHD-EN078) trap card


Thanks in advance and please see my other yugioh questions :)

4 Answers

  • 9 years ago
    Favorite Answer

    None of them are good.

    Your best bet is to evolve the Lightsworn deck into a Twilight deck.

    I'll give you my version of this deck.

    The basic idea is to have a balanced deck.

    All good and great decks should have close to or exactly 40 cards.

    25 Monsters

    3x Judgement Dragon

    2x Lyla

    2x Ryko

    1x Ehren

    1x Jain

    2x Garoth

    1x Lumina

    1x Honest

    1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy

    1x Effect Velier

    1-2x Card Trooper (if 1 put in Gale)

    1x Gorz

    1x Dark Armed Dragon (if not, put in Beckoning Light)

    2x Tragoedia

    1x Plaguespreader Zombie or Pain Painter

    2x Necro Gardna

    2x Chaos Sorcerer

    9 Spells

    1x Heavy Storm

    1x Dark Hole

    1x Book ofMoon

    1x Charge of the light brigade

    1x Monster Reborn

    1x Monster Reincarnation or Allure of Darkness

    3x Solar Recharge

    6 Traps

    1x Mirror Force

    1x Solemn Judgement

    2x Solemn Warning

    2x Bottomless Trap Hole

    Source(s): Playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for over 8 years
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  • 9 years ago

    i would have to say the dark deck... i built decks exactly like the aboves and the destiny heros suck chit... the others are crappy... i really think that the dark deck has a great build.

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't know I'm just answering for points

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    they all suck

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