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Does consuming thc threw food also cause tarchecardia, just like when you smoke it?

I've been diagnosed with hypertension, and my Dr. Advised me to stop smoking (he knows I smoke bud) rather than smoking he suggested consuming thc in food. Now, lately smoking even the bunkest **** makes my pulse rate skyrocket and I end up having a horrible panic attack, so now smoking weed isn't the medicinal wonder plant it always has been to me. My doctor said the reason I get such horrible Heart rates is cuz when any form of smoke enters your body it constricts the blood vessels in your body, therefore speeding up the heart rate; intern giving me a damn panic attack. So I'm really wanting to start eating rather than smoking. Only thing is WHEN THC IS CONSUMED VIA FOOD, WILL IT SPEED MY HEART UP? PLEASE only experienced medical thc users answer. And be polite.

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    How about an experienced RN? THC is a stimulant and can raise your heart rate regardless of method of consumption. That being said carbon dioxide and carcon monoxide produced by inhaling things burned is the primary cause of raising blood pressure but not necessarily tachycardia. If you MUST try eating a small amount as a test. Not in your best intrest but have fun.

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    THC is NOT a stimulant. If it speeds your heart up than you have heart problems not THC problems. I take adderall which is a powerful stimulant and speeds my heart up a lot, I used to smoke THC when I was coming off adderall to get my heart rate to go back down and not feel so "cracked out" although I do not smoke marijuana anymore because I am in nursing school. So I am somewhat educated although I haven't gotten my degree yet. Reguardless how you consume it, smoke or eat, it will have the same effects, although eating can make the effects more intense because you can be consuming more. Doctors will tell you anything to get you off illegal drugs and will tell you that they make a condition worse even if it doesn't because it is illegal. Marijuana is used medicinally for stress and anxiety as well although studies of long term use has shown it can actually increase anxiety.

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    It's Tachycardia.

    your Dr is an idiot. I'm not trying to be mean but he has no idea what he's doing if he told you to eat it, and said the smoke caused tachycardia for that reason O.o

    uhh the end.

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