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我想要知道"deluxe", "luxurious", "sumptuous"這3個字"奢華的"差異,


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    "deluxe" emphasizes the fine quality

    "luxurious" is on the psychological indulgence and enjoyment.

    "sumptuous" is mainly on the high cost and expensiveness.

    example usages:

    1. The pearl is ________

    all 3 are OK in this case but emphasizing differences described above.

    2. It is ___ to me to have that extra week of time for this project.

    For this case, only "luxurious" is good.

    3. That car, beside breaking down every month, is too ___ to me.

    For this case, "sumptuous" is proper.

    It is also interesting to learn their history as well but I don't think you want to know them that well.

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    I am very into the "luxurious" thingies - like diamonds, LV, Rolls Royces and the likes. I do have a lot of their photos indeed!

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    As I said many times, each word has its own concept(s) behind it; memorizing direct Taiwanese translations is USELESS.

    Any vocabulary is just like an old friend, you need to flirt with them many times a day. I would be dreaming, if you expect to know them by seeing them 3 times a year!

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    Keep reading is the only way, Dudes!

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    It is very true that

    Diamonds are girls' best friends!

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    the word deluxe is from de luxe, "of luxury" in French. The term in English has taken on "exquisite in quality and design", and is often used to label special edition products. It appeared in English around 1820 and we only use it in form of adj and adv but never noun.

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    Luxurious appeared in early 15 century. "lascivious, lecherous, unchaste," from old French, luxurius (Mod.Fr. luxurieux), from L. luxuriosus, from luxuria (see luxury). In early 17 century it started to be used on persons and on things in late part of the century.

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    The last word is from Latin from sumptuōsus "costly" around 16th.

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    A true beauty emits her charm even without any jewelry or brand-names.

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    Well put. Prisoner is such an expert on all experience?

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