Get rid of Hornets under my house Lar?

To Lar, I think they are. They were coming out from behind a hole in my Washing Machine and they come out from my bathroom cabinets(Built against the ground.) I'm thinking of calling an exterminator just hoping they aint too expensive. :( Dont got any attic also. I live in a trailer. If you can (as in talk to maybe help me abit) talk over emailing?

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    9 years ago
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    with a trailer situation , they will be either just under the flooring and are getting in where the plumbing travels, or have made it into the wall itself. If they are not in the wall, and the trailer has under pending, placing one of those insect foggers might do the trick, though a retreat may be necessary and to will want to get under there as soon as you could to remove the left over nest, there will be capped cells that protect the developing wasps inside. If you don't have under pending you would need to get a roll of plastic to seal off the underside, wouldn't have to do the whole trailer, could cut under the trailer to create a sealed zone. This will probably cause even more to get in at time of treatment...if they are in a wall you probably will have to call an exterminator since they will have the tools to inject insecticide into the walls itself.

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