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Immigration TO mexico?

What are the pull factors that affect immigration to mexico? What in Mexico pulls people in? Why do people immigrate to Mexico??

Please answer!

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    MOST people who move to Mexico do it because they are retired and can live for far less here than in the U.S. or Canada. Very few move her to work as work is hard to find and work visas nearly impossible to get. So...the main reason is to live here on their income from outside Mexico and have their money go further. Of course they could choose another country, but most of these people also love the Mexican culture.

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    Most are leaving due to the drug related crime. Avoid Mexico. The crime will kill you. When in Mexico, Register your visit with the State Department. They’ll use your information to help identify your body.

    Mexicans launder drug money in their numerous casinos, found in all major cities, cockfights, bullfighting arenas and fairs. It's big business in Mexico.

    State Department Advisory relating to the crime in Mexico:

    “crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere.”


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    1. The weather is milder in higher elevations like Guadalajara.

    2. Generally, the rent is a lot less expensive, if one shops around. I pay $1500 pesos a month for a nice place.

    3. Everybody is NOT in a rush. Hey, maybe I can get it done tomorrow.

    I hope this helps you. . .

    Source(s): i've lived in MX for almost 20 yrs . . .
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    Lower cost of living , better quality fruits , vegetables , fish and meats . Different climates such as mountains and beaches to cool off or keep warm .

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