George Washington scandals?

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    Probably the most note worthy "scandal" is that of his support of the Jay Treaty. The new country was in financial trouble. They'd won the war but had no money to enforce that win. The English Army did NOT leave North America and instead hung around to harass the citizens. Add to this, the English Navy was running rough shod over U.S. merchant ships, often raiding and pressing U.S. sailors (civilians) into service aboard the English ships. All of the other countries were still run by monarchies. That means that none would willingly do business with America. The country was teetering on the virge of bankruptcy. Sec. of Treasury Hamilton sent John Jay to England to negotiate a trade agreement with the English. What Jay returned with was NOT pleasing to a great many people (including Washington). The deal gave U.S. merchant ships the protection of the English Navy but at considerable cost.

    Thomas Jefferson was so incensed by the trade agreement and Washington's support of it that Jefferson open and repeatedly accused Washington of treason. The accusations were often enough that Washington decided to step down as President. In his farewell address, Washington planned to openly address those charges made by Jefferson. Hamilton rewrote the speech and removed the direct references to Jefferson. Instead, it left Washington warning against partisanship.

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    10 points to "Doc" above me. Jefferson would be forever estranged from his once fellow President from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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