AP Statistics vs.Calculus AB? AP Sciences?

I'm in Adv. Precalc right now, and I find it extremely difficult (More than any of my AP classes, and I've never gotten less than a B+ in math) I need to figure out what to take senior year. I want a very very good college resume (Ivy league level almost), and I plan on majoring in English (Creative/technical writing. Please do not spend time bashing my very strange college plans, just go with it)

Would AP Statistics look somewhat less than Calculus AB?

And would not taking Calculus for a year somewhat put me behind when I have to take it in college?

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  • 8 years ago
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    People who find adv. precalc challenging typically don't get accepted into Ivy Leagues...unless you're a superb writer/artist/athlete/have legacy. Calc is always the way to go and is necessary for college-bound student...it's better to take it in high school for the first time. Stat is only useful if you're planning to go into a computer science/math/business/physics/high science career path.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Calculus ALL THE WAY! It's so much fun! You also get to see what math really is and basically how every bit of math you have learned throughout your high school years comes together.

    I actually right now am taking both AP Calculus BC and AP Statistics and I find it fairly manageable. I received a B in Calculus and an A in Stats this first nine-weeks. They are both great classes and I think you should try to fit them in your schedule before you run off to college. The type of AP class really shouldn't affect your college resume or what colleges think, but having more AP classes with better grades does look better. However, if I had to choose between either AP Statistics or AP Calculus, I would totally choose Calculus just because I am a math geek and find it very interesting. lol.

    Good luck with choosing and don't expect anything easy from these classes. You should expect to study!

    Source(s): Current AP Statistics and AP Calculus BC student
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