Regulations for Gym-based childcare in Missouri?

Does anyone know the regulations for a childcare provider, in Missouri, that is in a gym? I've been looking and looking and can't find anything specifically for Missouri (a couple of other states require NOTHING if the parent is in the building or the child stays less than 4 hours) or specifically for a gym setting (No more than 10 for home based, or 4 if not licensed)

Any help would be appreciated! And if you could link to your source that would be awesome!


Divot II, if you had ACTUALLY READ THE QUESTION, then you would see that yes, I have done my research and I have given what I found in the actual question. And, if you had READ THE QUESTION, you would know that my question was specifically related to GYM-BASED child care and not general daycare guidelines. You know, A GYM, where you go and work out? No, you probably don't know, you just sit on your fat a$$ behind your computer all day and answer questions with idiot responses.

As far as "looking into this myself" I ALREADY DID THAT. And, isn't that what Yahoo! Answers is for? When you can't find your own answers, you look to other people to see if they can help.

It is my advice that you take your pious attitude and go ask your mom to make you some dinner.

Also, I perceive this to be an effort to get a "best answer" nod from the community vote since there are no other answers. But that won't happen either. Idiot.

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    Generally daycares are licensed through a state's Department of Social Services (or similar name), which have extensive regulations concerning so much square-footage per child, so many bathrooms, even the size of the bathroom stalls.

    So, you've Googled "Missouri day care license" and get nothing? If you would look into this yourself that would be awesome!

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