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Halloween costume help!?!?

My boyfriend and I recently changed plans for this weekend's halloween party. We were going to a small family get together that the costume wasnt a huge concern for. but now we are going to a party at his frat house. i have a devil costume. I'm really tall for a girl (around 5'10") and insecure about my weight. I'm not huge but i'm not tiny and since we are going to a frat house i will be surrounded by a ton of tiny blonde sorority girls (not stereotyping i've been to parties there) so i'm already going to be insecure. i'm trying to look a little sexy without being over the top. the dress is a little low cut so i was thinking a push up bra (i already wear a C but i'm just thinking for extra cleavage). and then fishnets and i'm not sure about heels. I'm basically just trying to get ideas for how to look sexy without being completely skanky...the dress hits at my knee so it's not too short. but i want to impress the guys there because my boyfriend is new to the frat is one of the few in a long term relationship. please help any ideas from guys or girls.

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    I would look back at some 40's WW II era photos when women still admitted to coming in well-filled out dimensions. Maybe a retro shop would rent you an outfit. Basically, you'd want a cute hat, hairstyle, dress, & heels. The dress might be about knee length with just a little fullness. Solids, crepes, prints, & polka dots were all in style. Ditto for a cute sailor top with skirt. The fullness of your size C bra would really be perfect for the draped look of many of the blouses & dress tops. Heels were medium with straps & most likely more comfy than those of today. Remember, too, that nylons & silk stockings still had seams up the backs. If yours don't have, then draw some seams on your nylons or on your fishnets. Hair could be curls, deep waves, or an exaggerated pageboy style undercut aided by a little extra time with a curling iron.

    Alternatively, you could take a pair of 2nd hand velvet slacks & wear your choice of the slacks or cut them into shorts. Worn over the fishnets, then you & your friends could perhaps think of a fun costume idea. Shorts would be a sexy idea that don't require an extremely tiny body to be cute. Either black or purple velvet would be great. You can even glue rhinestones up the sides if they went with your idea.

    Whatever you choose, relax & have fun. At the same time, don't be overly snowed by the idea of fraternity guys. They're just guys. In fact, for once, let your boyfriend help look after you & your safety & don't get cornered alone with some other guy in a room by yourself. Yes, have fun, but do so with a little caution.

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