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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 9 years ago

What are the 7 things the Catholic Canon Law of the Middle Ages states?

if there are more than 7 I just need the biggest ones

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    9 years ago
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    This article is part of a series on the

    Law of the Catholic Church


    Codes of Canon Law

    1983 Code of Canon Law

    Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches

    1917 Code of Canon Law

    Concordance of Discordant Canons

    Decretals of Gregory IX

    Apostolic Constitutions

    Anglicanorum Coetibus

    Benedictus Deus

    Ex Corde Ecclesiae

    Fidei Depositum

    Indulgentiarum Doctrina

    Pastor Bonus

    Providentissima Mater Ecclesia

    Sacrae Disciplinae Leges

    Ut Sit (see also Opus Dei)

    Universi Dominici Gregis

    Canon Law of Vatican II

    Lumen Gentium

    Sacrosanctum Concilium

    Gaudium et Spes

    Dei Verbum


    Canon 915

    Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    Motu Proprio


    · WikiProject Canon Law

    The canon law of the Catholic Church, is a fully developed legal system, with all the necessary elements: courts, lawyers, judges, a fully articulated legal code and principles of legal interpretation. It lacks the necessary binding force present in most modern day legal systems. The academic degrees in canon law are the J.C.B. (Juris Canonici Baccalaureatus, Bachelor of Canon Law, normally taken as a graduate degree), J.C.L. (Juris Canonici Licentiatus, Licentiate of Canon Law) and the J.C.D. (Juris Canonici Doctor, Doctor of Canon Law). Because of its specialized nature, advanced degrees in civil law or theology are normal prerequisites for the study of canon law.


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