Hunger Games Halloween costume?

I want to be Katniss for Halloween but what should I wear?

And where should I get it?

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm being Katniss too:)

    I'm wearing black skinny jeans and a green tight t-shirt. It's going to be cold so I'm wearing a cut off jacket (short) that's black.

    For shoes I will wear lace up half-boots in black also.

    My hair will be straightened and it is already brownish- with a bit of blonde, and pulled back in a low pony.

    For accessories I will have the pin (just a normal bird pin that looks cool lol) and a watch. Also I have a wooden bow but no arrows to be safe lol.

    I got the watch, jacket, jeans, and boots at Kohls. The shirt I got at Target and I saw similar boots there too.

    The pin and bow I just had laying around at home so idk where to find them.. May the odds be ever in your favour;)

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  • 8 years ago

    Wow that's a great costume idea! I wish I had thought it, but it's too late for me to change my outfit now haha.

    So for the costume, you could wear maybe black jeans or leggings with a green tunic type of shirt and like a black jacket on top. Wear ankle high boots, kinda like old hiking boots.

    Make sure you have one long dark colored braid. You could always wear a wig or get extensions if you don't have the right kind of hair.


    Use makeup to try and make fake wounds on your face and arms. And maybe rip your outfit a little to make it look more authentic. And if you have one available, you could carry a bow and some arrows or an orange backpack

    *This is of course for if you wanted to go as Katniss in the arena. But they're many other Signature outfits that she has like "the girl on fire" suit.

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