Is this a fair trade...need help?

After a trade I'm working on my team could look like this:

QB: Big Ben, Fitzpatrick

WR: Austin, AJ Green, Heyward Bey, Rice, Washington

RB: Gore, Green Ellis, D Thomas, Wells, Blount

TE: Hernandez

His team:

QB: Brady, Freeman

WR: Boldin, D Jackson, Jenkins, Breaston, Holmes, J Nelson

RB: Forte, Mendenhall, Spiller, Starks

TE: Gonzalez, Shiancoe

I was going to offer Wells, Washington, and Rice for Breaston and Jackson. If that's not fair what should I do to get Breaston or Jackson or both?

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    are you trying to tell me youd rather have breaston/jackson starting than aj/austin?

    breaston - #43wr (6.5 pts/gm)

    jackson - #16wr (9.3 pts/gm)

    austin - #18 (9.2)

    green - #9 (11.2)

    thats two top 10 wrs (austin is averaging 13.75 when he plays...that would make him the #3 wr) for a boom or bust wr (jackson) and a #2 wr (breaston)....doesnt make much sense to me

    and dont trade beanie. not only is he a td machine (6 tds in 6 games) hes averaging more points than bge (beanie-13 bge-11.3). hes hurt now but its not serious.

    your lineup....

    qb big ben

    rb gore

    rb bge (wells/blount when healthy)

    flex bey (bge/blount when all are healthy)

    wr austin

    wr aj

    that leave you with fitz, rice, washington, and thomas to trade. realistically that leaves you with fitz. once blount and wells are healthy i would definitely try and trade wells, blount, or reason having talent sitting on the bench

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