what is a good, uncommon/unique middle name for Alice?

Since Alice is a pretty common name I would like a much less common middle name... any suggestions?

I really like long, feminine names if that helps!!

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    9 years ago
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    Alice Emmeline

    Alice Savannah

    Alice Marianne

    Alice Jasmine

    Alice Jacinda

    Alice Scarlett

    Alice Vivienne

    Alice Lucinda

    Alice Rhiannon

    Alice Willow

    @Abbey - you have no authority telling other people what to do. If the asker likes those names, she'll choose them. This is her baby, NOT yours!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alice Felicity

    Alice Geneva

    Alice Emiliana

    Alice Christiana

    Alice Madeline

    Alice Jessamine

    Alice Jessenia

    Alice Acacia

    Alice Adalena

    Alice Adalia

    Alice Amberleigh

    Alice Cressida

    Alice Anastasia

    Alice Angelique

    Alice Rosalyn

    Alice Esme

    Alice Annaliese

    Alice Annaleigh

    Alice Odette

    Alice Antoinette

    Alice Antonia

    Alice Claudette

    Alice Cosette

    Alice Aurora

    Alice Azalea

    Alice Azura

    Alice Ayanna

    Alice Caledonia

    Alice Callista

    Alice Cassiopeia

    Alice Cambria

    Alice Camille

    Alice Cascadia

    Alice Catalina

    Alice Catarina

    Alice Chiara

    Alice Delphine

    Alice Desiree

    Alice Dulcina

    Alice Emerald

    Alice Francesca

    Alice Giana

    Alice Graciella

    Alice Marcella

    Alice Marjorie

    Alice Margot

    Alice Natasha

    Alice Natalia

    Alice Oriana

    Alice Genevieve

    Alice Gabriela

    Alice Livinia

    Alice Gwendolyn

    Alice Harmony

    Alice Hyacinth

    Alice Jacqueline

    Alice Johanna

    Alice Jocelyn

    Alice Joyelle

    Alice Joelle

    Alice Noelle

    Alice Josephine

    Alice Giselle

    Alice Brielle

    Alice Kailani

    Alice Kalyani

    Alice Katrina

    Alice Kareena

    Alice Karishma

    Alice Kiana

    Alice Lavender

    Alice Lilac

    Alice Lilith

    Alice Loraine

    Alice Laurelle

    Alice Lydia

    Alice Mariah

    Alice Mireya

    Alice Annabelle

    Alice Mirabelle

    Alice Miranda

    Alice Michaela

    Alice Melody

    Alice Arianna

    Alice Persephone

    Alice Raquel

    Alice Rochelle

    Alice Renee

    Alice Rania

    Alice Rabhya

    Alice Raelene

    Alice Raelin

    Alice Rosaleigh

    Alice Regina

    Alice Rhona

    Alice Rhiannon

    Alice Rihanna

    Alice Roslyn

    Alice Tallulah

    Alice Tamara

    Alice Tavia

    Alice Talia

    Alice Tecla

    Alice Tiana

    Alice Veronica

    Alice Vivian

    Alice Violet

    Alice Valentina

    Alice Victoria

    Alice Clarice

    Alice Winter

    Alice Virginia

    Alice Victoria

    I'd recommend no middle name starting with an 'S' sound, as Alice ends with an 'S' sound. Good luck!

  • Alice Genevieve

    Alice Cordelia

    Alice Clementine

    Alice Veronica

    Alice Persephone (per-SEFF-ah-nee)

    Alice Magnolia

    Alice Marguerite

    Alice Rosalind

    Alice Wilhelmina

    Alice Bianca

    Alice Tabitha

    Alice Matilda

    Alice Georgiana

    Alice Julianna

    Alice Guinevere

    Alice Gwendolen

    Alice Philippa

  • >jem<
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    9 years ago

    Alice Evangeline

    Alice Persephone (Per-seph-ohn-nee)

    Alice Seraphina

    Alice Clementine

    Alice Nicolette

    Alice Natasha

    Alice Rosamund

    Alice Mathilde

    Alice Henrietta

    Alice Gwendolen (or Gwendoline, Gwendolyn)

    Alice Sarafina

    Alice Millicent

    Alice Marguerite

    Alice Adelaide

    Alice Elodie

    Alice Catarina

    Alice Annalise (or Anneliese)

    Alice Marcheline

    Alice Delphine

    Alice Nicolette

    Alice Valentine

    Alice Penelope

    Alice Romilly

    Alice Bethan (or Bethany)

    Alice Fionnula

    Alice Isadora

    Alice Arabella

    Alice Araminta


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  • Lexi
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    9 years ago

    Alice Evangeline

    Alice Quintessa

    Alice Tellulah

    Alice Gwendolyn

    Alice Olivianna

    Alice Lorelei

    Alice Madeleine

    Alice Persephone

  • 9 years ago

    Alice Franchesca

    Alice Leoni

    Alice Joana

    Alice Veinne

    Alice Pheolosa

    Alice Evengeline

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alice Yvonne

    Alice Callista

    Alice Evangeline

    Alice Odette

    Alice Veronica

    Alice Beatrix

    Alice Penelope


  • 4 years ago

    Charlotte Alice. Isabelle Alice. Sophia Alice. Molly Alice. Caitlin Alice. Freya Alice. Jasmine Alice. Violet Alice. Juliet Alice. Matilda Alice. Madeleine Alice. Clara Alice. Ruby Alice. Scarlett Alice. Sienna Alice. Annabel Alice. Elena Alice. Emily Alice. Callie Alice. Liliana Alice. Isla Alice. Piper Alice. Autumn Alice. Grace Alice. Bethany Alice. Ivy Alice. Gabriella Alice. Genevieve Alice. Evelyn Alice. Amber Alice. Eloise Alice. Natalie Alice. Rose Alice. Tatiana Alice. Lila Alice. :]

  • 9 years ago

    Alice Waverly

    Alice Karrington

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Alice Cosette? from Les Miserables, musical?

    i love Alice, im going to use Catherine Alice when my first comes along.

    ignore Emmeline and Savannah (edit, ignore all of the others completely)... those are awful and trashy. Alice is a lovely, classy name, you need another lovely, classy ACTUAL NAME, to go with it.

    I always like middles to honour someone. be they a relative, or just an influential, nice, good person you look up to. not a celeb, really... but a nice person.

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