Reasons why drugs should be legalized?

I'm doing a paper, and I need some ideas.

I have to present why drugs should be legalized. Any drug; all drugs.

So please, if you don't think they should be legalized, don't answer.

Any mature, realistic reasons?

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  • 9 years ago
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    1. Making drugs illegal doesnt stop people from using them, though it means they must use illegal chains to obtain them. Therefore they are introduced to other things, such as other drugs or stolen goods. Somebody who previously just fancied a bit of weed, can now probably get a variety of harder drugs, or they may fancy buying some cheap stolen goods from their dealer, therefore increasing that problem.

    2. With illegal drugs you have no idea whats in 'em. Every drug can be cut or contaminated with other substances, to increase weight. Drugs are typicaly sold by the gram. Might not sound so bad, but if that coke ya just snorted was mostly rat poison and crushed glass it could be potentialy lethal. Not exactly a just punishment for someone who literaly is only hurting themselves, if anyone.

    3. Alcohol is legal, so is tobacco. Both kill thousands of people, cost the NHS a small fortune and can be highly addictive. There has never been a single case of someone dying due to canabis use. With moderation and a mature aproach no 'Pure' drugs will kill you.

    4. Alcohol and tobacco being legal, seems somewhat hypocritical. How can someone sit there getting pissed out of their face, chain smoking a Deathstick -(Bought tobacco and cigarettes contain an astonishing amount of contaminants, purpousfuly put there. Tobacco grown yourself is unbeleivably safer for you, though thats a different subject) say that somebody getting intoxicated on something else is wrong.

    5. By legalising and controling drugs, they could employ a tax. Though some people beleive that canabis can be grown yourself quite easily, therefore making it a lot harder to get the tax money on it.

    6. I thought we lived in a free country. Im yet to think of a single excuse that can be used to justify prohibition of putting a seed in the soil, waiting a while then smoking whats grown. If you own the land, and wont be bothering a single person when smoking your vegetation, who are you hurting. Your not free, not even slightly.

    7. The drugs market is worth billions. And the entire market is controlled by 'criminals' surely having that money flow back into the economy would be a good thing? Especialy in our 'recession'.

    8. Ask yourself if taking a drug is truly wrong, you take painkillers if you get a headache, why is taking one but not the other different, just because were always told ones 'ok' and ones 'bad'. They will both affect your mind and body respond and feel differently, so why cant we feel certain stimuli. If there was something wrong with being intoxicated alcohol would be unnaceptable. You can talk to a stoner, not a drunk. You lose control with alcohol, but not with canabis. And weed doesnt give you 'beer muscles'.

    On a sidenote, ever wondered why flouride is in our water, what it does and where it comes from...

    Welcome to the matrix...

    EDIT: I agree with drugs there is often other crime. But that is because of the illegal chains i have mentioned, some drugs being addictive and expensive. For example if your addicted to something and must find £50 a day to support your habbit where you guna get it? with legalising drugs would come more control over them, and with time they wont be so 'tabboo' and wanted. compare the uk's laws with holland, then compare the crime rates.

    Legalizing drugs, controling their quality and addictive properties along with the price (their expensive because their illegal) giving lots of advice and warnings with them, along with safe usage guidelines is going to cut crime rates and peoples habbits. With something being illegal causes more problems itself than if that very same thing was illegal.

    Saying 'drugs cause crime' is incredibly narrow minded and short sighted. Do you honestly beleive taking a pill will suddenly make you an evil or bad person.

    Source(s): Personal opinions. What i say applies to drugs like cannabis, not hard drugs such as heroin, which i do beleive needs much stronger regulations.
  • 4 years ago

    It could scale back violence since there would possibly not be drug offers long past unsuitable however it'll additionally expand violence since extra folks might be prime and would possibly not understand what they're doing. And additionally plenty of folks could be killed simply by taking the medicines. In my opinion, I do not suppose they will have to legalize medicines since it could have plenty of side effects at the financial system and the arena.

  • SarahT
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    9 years ago

    I completely agree with tonalc2.

    Drugs aren't illegal because the State wants to prevent you from getting high (if that was true, then reddi-whip canisters would be illegal). They are illegal because of the amount of criminal activity that goes along with them (murders, theft, money laundering, etc...). The best way to come up with a reason for why would be to somehow call into question the existence of a link between drugs and these other crimes.

  • 9 years ago

    Well, becuase, if people want to hurt themselfs it should be there own choice, people are alowed to get toxins injected into there forhead to make them look younger, why should Billy over there not be able to smoke weed for a stress help? Even fast food places infect there chicken before it is cooked with drugs, were getting them anyways...

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  • 9 years ago

    The use of drugs is not the problem--the illegality of them with the commensurate crime is the problem.

    You could use a comparison to Prohibition: that's when organized crime got a strong foothold in the US.

  • 9 years ago

    perhaps not all drugs, but the ones that dont kill you like, MJ would be a better paper

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