Mixed handed/cross dominant, left or right handed?

I've been interested in mixed handedness lately but you don't see a whole lot about it.

I'm left handed, but I believe I'm right-side dominant. For example my right eye, ear and foot are all dominant over my left.

LEFT SIDE: I write, draw, eat, open things.If I played golf I'd likely use a left-handed club, likewise with a baseball bat.

RIGHT SIDE: Brush my hair and teeth, drink, use a computer mouse, throw, kick, use a knife and scissors, etc.

Whenever I cook I use either hand to stir or do whatever I need to do. I don't really have a hand preference with cooking.

I find I get easily frustrated and confused and wonder if this mixedness contributes to it.

What about you? I'm curious to know. :)


I also operate a phone, iPod and remote right handed if I'm using it with just one hand unless I'm doing something that requires both hand, then I operate with my left hand while holding it with my right.

Update 2:

Actually is's not the same as ambidexterity. Ambidexterity is when you can perform the same task equally well with both hands. I can't write or draw right handed.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Anything requiring finer detail (writing, drawing, eating, using chopsticks, scissors, etc) - left-hand

    Anything requiring muscle or large action (throwing, golfing, batting, punching, shooting a basketball, etc) - right-hand

    However, although writing with a pen/pencil right-handed is very awkward and illegible, I can easily write large on a chalkboard with no problems right-handed.

    I find it odd that I've never had problems using a mouse right-handed.

    I am equally adept with either hand when it comes to exploring and excavating the depths of my nose, or cleaning my ears with an ear-cleaner.

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  • 8 years ago

    It's called being ambidextrous. (I am, too.) You have a great advantage over others. Your brain works on both sides where most people are handicapped in that they can't do things with their off-hand. (I started out being left-handed, too.) If you can't decide which hand to use, then try it both ways, and do it enough both ways to get steady handed and good at it. It can come in mighty handy in life.

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