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How would I address a military officer and his wife in public and on a letter?

I'm inviting the parents of a friend to my wedding, and her father is a Lieutenant General and her mother is a civilian. I have no idea how to address them at the wedding or on the invitations as I'm not military... help please?

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    Example: (mailing address ) Lieutenant General & Mrs. John Doe or LTG. & Mrs. John Doe !

    When speaking to them, adress them as Sir & Maam, unless they say please call us "John & Jane " !

    Letter: Dear LTG & Mrs John Doe,

    Source(s): Served 30 years - Army
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    Chuy's correct, if he's an Army General. For Air Force, substitute "Lt Gen" for "LTG", and for a Marine general, substitute "LtGen" for the abbreviation.

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