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My family has not had an exchange student in 12 years and the woman who did the program in our area no longer does it. Are their any website I can go to and view student letters & picture? Also how do I go about finding person (I have no idea what you call them) who does the program?

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  • 9 years ago
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    First, thank you for thinking of opening your home and heart to a new foreign member. I take it that you have hosted students before and so you know that it can be a wonderful experience.

    There are many, many programs for hosting students. In my own personal opinion, I think hosting through YFU is the best. (I'm not the only one.) My husband and I are currently hosting our 7th exchange student. Our first one was with a different program that no longer exists. Let's just say that the former program left a few things to desire. I've put some links below.

    As far as seeing student letters and pictures, prospective host families are limited (by the US State Department) in what they can access until they have a criminal background check. Of course they don't care about a speeding ticket or two, but there are people who should not host. (Enough said about that.) The limitations are more relaxed for former students. My advice is to choose the program with which to host and it won't be long before you'll be able to see all sorts of things.

    The local program person is called by a few different names depending on program: YFU calls that person an "Area Representative" (there is also an "Area Coordinator" that is just above the AR). Other programs call that person a Local Coordinator. It depends on the program. Depending on where you live, the AR might also be a staff member such as a Field Director. But I don't want to confuse you too much.

    I love talking about our kids (we don't have any of our own, so I mean the students we've hosted) and the program. Feel free to email me. If you happen to live in Wyoming or Colorado, I can probably find your local person.

    Source(s): For More Information: 1-866-4YFU-USA Videos: YFU History (6min Video): Hosting 1min video: 16min video: Virtual Information Nights
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    Google it

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