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唔該幫我翻譯做英文..我見工迪士尼用架..如果大家覺得有啲咩可以補充都可以打埋落去架...唔該曬^^你好 我叫xxx今年21歲..中五畢業之後我係面包店果度做左一年..職責係負責收錢.sell cake 一般既顧客服務..因為當時要讀保健員課程所以就冇做..讀完之後我就入左老人院度做.做左一年..職責係藥物管理.藥物派發.留意長者既身體狀況等等..我想襯而家後生學多啲野..接觸多啲唔同既人..所以我簡左呢份工..我既優點係樂觀..缺點係比較長氣..而我既興趣係唱歌..

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  • Nelson
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    9 years ago
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    Hello my name is xxx 21 years old .. I graduated in five degree line bakery fruit left to do duty for one year the Department responsible for the money ... Sell cake generally either customer service .. because at that time courses for health workers to read it on the Nuisance .. I do read into the left after the nursing home degree to do. .. do the duties of the Department left a year of drug administration. drugs distributed. pay attention to both the physical condition of elderly people, etc. .. I want to study epigenetic lining and family TRIO wild .. TRIO Wu Tong contact with both people .. so I simply left it working .. I were both optimistic about the benefits of system shortcomings system .. gas .. and a long interest in both the Department of singing .

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