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翻譯; He was so angry we had to restrain him from starting a fight.

可以改成 He was so angry we had to restrain him to start a fight.


翻譯; He is determined not to stray from his original plans.

可以改成 He is determined not to stray to his original plans.


翻譯; The noisy children distracted me from my work.

可以改成; The noisy children distracted me on my work.


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    Restrain - ~ sb/sth (from sth / from doing sth) to stop sb/sth from doing sth, especially by using physical force:

    The prisoner had to be restrained by the police. * I had to restrain her from hitting out at passers-by. * They have obtained an injunction restraining the company from selling the product. * Morse placed a restraining hand on Lewis's arm.

    Stray - PREP. from Be careful not to stray from the path. | into, off, to His eyes strayed to the telephone. (figurative) Her thoughts strayed to the journey ahead of her.

    Distract - [VN] ~ sb/sth (from sth) to take sb's attention away from what they are trying to do:

    You're distracting me from my work. * Don't talk to her--she's very easily distracted. * It was another attempt to distract attention from the truth.

    如果您要問為什麼? 一定有原因。可是這個原因不能提昇您的英文程度。我只能勸您記住這些片語。

    或許有人會告知您,這三個動詞是屬於 XX動詞,所以搭配介詞要用 from。可是您知道這有意義嗎? 還不是要去背這個片語。或許您可以不選擇用背的,找出使用這個片語的例句(多找幾個),看久了就記住了。

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