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「溪畔老樹山莊」地如其名,房舍就位於溪流潺湲的小溪畔,溫泉街對面 的小巷子進入,走到盡頭,野溪巨石旁,就可以找到這幢白色屋舍的風味 民宿。地理位置好極了,由於位於產業道路盡頭,沒有人潮車流,也沒有攤販叫 賣的嘈亂,在這兒住上一晚,白天可遠眺台南最高峰大凍山、走登山步道 ,涼沁的山夜可觀星、賞月,還有大眾湯及個人專屬湯屋供你安心泡湯,愛泡多久泡多久。溪流水聲鎮日相伴,是個能夠讓你忘卻都市煩憂的好地 方。 山莊位處於台南縣白河鎮關子嶺風景區內,台南縣勞工處育樂中心(統茂溫泉旅館)斜對面幽靜小巷內。

莊內幽徑翠谷,野溪巨石,淙淙水聲,龍眼老樹,高高玉蘭花樹,紅磚庭院,咖啡休閒平台,卯石步道,紅花綠葉,美式信箱,地中海式建築,日式湯屋,都有反璞歸真之感受。。不聞車馬聲宛若桃花源。 周邊景點: 1.白河水庫(6.0公里)白河水庫為一中型水庫,民國54年6月興建完工,有草坪花園,綠樹如蔭,散步期間,備感舒服。 2.好漢坡(0.2公里)介於溫泉區與嶺頂公園,勞工育樂中心,有243石階,登完約需10分鐘腳程。 3.紅葉公園(2.0公里)可從溫泉區沿登山步道而上,亦可驅車直達。園區遍植楓樹,戚樹景觀甚佳,有兒童遊樂池,涼亭,停車場等設施。

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    "River old tree village" to its name, premises situated in the streams of the chanyuan Brook near the hot springs little alley across the street to enter, come to an end, Wild River next to a Boulder, you can find the flavour of the White House breakfast. Location good, owing to the end of the road, no crowds traffic or noise of street vendors hawking, living here for one night, daytime views of Tainan's highest peak frozen mountain, mountaineering trails, cool refreshing mountain night stars, the Moon, there are popular soup exclusive soup House for your peace of mind and personal talk, how long how long love bubble bubble. Streams of water all day long, it's a good place to make you forget the city fanyou.

    Villa in Tainan County Baihe Town Kuantzuling scenic area, Tainan County Recreation Centre, Labour Department (Commission Mao hot spring hotel) diagonally opposite a quiet alley.Shonai peaceful path Chui Valley, Wild River boulders, sound of gurgling water, longan trees, tall Magnolia flower trees, red-brick courtyard, coffee leisure platform, d-Rock Trail, red flowers and green leaves, American mailboxes, Eastern Mediterranean-style buildings, Japanese soup House, returning to basics feel.. Do not smell horse sound like paradise.Surrounding attractions:

    1. the Baihe reservoir (6 km)Baihe reservoir as a medium-sized reservoir, June 54 of construction completion, with lawn gardens, and trees such as shade, during walking, feel comfortable.

    2. Heroes (0.2 km)Between the hot spring area and Park Ridge top, labour, recreation center, 243 stone stairs, climb will take about 10 minutes to complete foot range.

    3. the red leaf Park (2 km)Are available on the hot springs area along a mountain trail and also drove through. Park, planted a maple tree, landscape very good Qi Shu, children's play pool, gazebo, parking and other facilities.

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