Can I apply for Disability?

In December 2010 I resigned from my job. My house was in foreclosure and in June I was admitted to a mental health facility. I went back to work in July, found out I was pregnant in August, found out my dad had stage 4 brain cancer in September, and I lost the baby at 20 weeks in November. I was supposed to go back to work December 1 but had a breakdown in the shower and I just couldn't go back.

I haven't worked since. I started looking earlier in the year but ended up back in the mental health facility in April (this time for a week). Kaiser gave me a "working" diagnosis of rapid-cycling bipolar 2 with borderline personality disorder.

I now have no insurance, I'm looking at being evicted from my rented house, and I can't find a job. I can't go back to the hospital because I can't pay for it and if I don't find a job I'm going to be homeless. Does anyone know if my mental condition would qualify me for disability in CA?

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  • Judith
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    9 years ago
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    It is quite possible that your claim would be approved. You are clinically depressed and have been since at least November, 2010 when you last worked. Social Security will obtain your medical evidence and if they determine that your mental condition is severely disabling and that it can reasonably be expected to last at least a year then your claim will be approved. It's possible that they will send you for a consultative examination to update the file.

    If you can get to the office before November 1st then do so. It's possible you'd be entitled to SSI (Supplemental Security Income) disability as well as Social Security disability. There is no retroactivity for SSI which is why I advise you to file before November 1st. If you file in November, you will have lost out on benefits for the month of October.

    Take your 2010 W2 forms with you.

    Source(s): Retired Social Security employee.
  • 9 years ago

    The things that went on in your life like losing the baby, and about your dad would not make any difference in a disability case. having one breakdown would not count either. Having Bipolar Disorder 2 can win you a case but you would have to provide a large amount of proof from Dr.s. Im sorry you are about to get evicted but Disability does not care about that. Even if you get approved, expect to wait about a year or more. A "working disanosis" is NOT enough to get approved. The diagnosis would have to be for at least a year.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes you could qualify. However, Losing your father an unborn fetus does not . the two mental health conditions need to be severe and long lasting. And prevent you from working a substaniel gainful activity which is earning less then a $1000 month. It will take you at least six months after you apply for benefits . It is a long process , it it will not help you getting evicted or finding a job.

  • winnie
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    4 years ago

    people who meet the standards are often authorized on their first attempt. regardless of the undeniable fact that, now and returned a mistake grew to become into made and human beings are then allowed on their first appeal. you're real in no longer getting an criminal expert for this standard appeal. they do no longer probable have any enter in this technique. in case you're denied returned, that's once you are able to opt to contemplate an criminal expert, because of the fact the 2nd appeal is going to an truly listening to until eventually now a choose. a brilliant form of cases all human beings is permitted on the listening to point. no longer lots because of the fact something grew to become into achieved incorrect on the 1st 2 tiers, yet because of the fact usually 2-3 years pass by utilising until eventually now the listening to. whether this is a actual incapacity a brilliant form of cases the undertaking has worsened and you at present qualify.

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