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im having a global warming debate?

basically ive already addressed the reality of global warming.

i only need strong points that we need to do something about it. (example - polar bears are dying)

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    Ignore the polar bears. Not relevant to most people.

    Heat waves

    Water shortages


    Ability to grow food

    Ability to get food from the oceans

    You didn't state what age you are, what class this is for, or what is expected in this assignment. I am guessing from writing that this if for Jr High science or Frosh/Soph earth science. (If this is for High School Physics, then you need to know that not capitalizing makes readers thing you are in Jr High.) I have tried to give you links to articles from credible organizations that you can use in your bibliography, rather then political blogs. It's hard to decide which sources to link because the raw studies are very hard to understand unless you are a phd in that subject. I hope this helps.

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    Deniers will tell you polar bears have increased in population 5 fold, what they leave out is that was after they were hunted to near extinction in the 60's in a rare example of doing something right the USSR actually beat the US to bring in such bans, to protect the few remaining Bears, number are thought to have dropped to as low as 5000, the approx number of bears today is thought to be 20-25,000 this is indeed a 5 fold increase, but hardly surprising given that in it's natural habitat the PB has only other PB's and man as threats (apart from the environment)

    A similar case is that one of the two white rhino populations, while not a hunter it is pretty much immune to threats from other animals except man and other Rhino's at the turn of last century it's numbers dropped to a few hundred, today it has recovered to over 15,000.

    The problem the PB faces is not swimming (as some deniers try to claim) but catching it's main food source the Ringed seal, it either catches them at breathing holes in the ice the seal creates or it catches the pups in their dens as they are unable to swim for the first 6 weeks of their lives, as while the PB is an excellent swimmer the Ringed seal is a great swimmer.

    Thinning ice means the PB is having trouble get to and carrying out these ambush techniques on the seals, this is thought to be why more PB are being seen near human communities, they are looking for food, it is also thought to be why average PB weights are well below normals weight, something that has been observed over a number of years. Deniers offer as counter to the data scientists have gathered on PB ramblings about various conspiracy theories, or their empty statements that the Bears are fine because of that five fold increase in numbers mentioned above.

    Because talking in half truths and leaving out important and relevant details is a common feature of many of these denier 'experts' statements.

    The IUNC (the actual experts on PB's) say "The key danger posed by climate change is malnutrition or starvation due to habitat loss" Perhaps deniers have reading difficulties but I see nothing in that statement about their ability to swim.

    That habitat is the Arctic sea ice, and I am afraid again there is little doubt that this is indeed shrinking.

    You can find the data on Arctic sea ice here

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    There is no such thing as global warming, something is happening to change a lot of the worlds climate in such but it is not global warming. Earths layers which people believe is getting destroyed can not be destroyed because it is some what like human tissue as in it can repare itself.... Sorry to bust the bubble

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    Polar bears are not dying.

    We cannot do anything about natural cycles.

    You should take and pay attention while in an English class.

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