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Anonymous asked in Business & FinanceCareers & EmploymentLaw & Legal · 10 years ago

Will I lose my unemployment if I turn down an interview?

I lost my job a few months back and just got approved for unemployment in PA. My Aunt trying to be helpful put my name in at her job and they called and did this phone interview the other day. After I got off the phone I know I couldn't do the job well and didn't want it. It's a sales job and I suck at sales. Plus the base pay is very low (less then I would need) since it is mostly a commission based job and it is about an hour away as well. I didn't think much of it since I thought I was under qualified for the job but they e-mailed me today and asked me to come in for another interview. I don't want the job and I'll most likely just get fired form it in a few months since I won't be hitting the sales goal (plus the drive is to long for me) but I don't know if refusing an interview is the same as refusing a job and I know you can lose your unemployment for refusing a job.

They haven't really offered me the job yet (at least I wouldn't have considered it a job offer) and PA law states that you lose you Unemployment for turning down a Job Offer but does an Interview count as a job offer?

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    Possibly, it would depend on a number of factors. You should contact your Unemployment office:


    here in Florida, technically you would not have refused an offer of work, because there was no offer. However, skipping an interview (assuming it's reported) could lead to your claim being flagged for a general availability issue. I would check with your state office to be sure.

    here is PA's statute:

    Refusal of Suitable Work

    Section 402(a) provides, in part, that an employee shall be ineligible for compensation for any week in which his/her unemployment is due to failure, without good cause, either to apply for suitable work at such time and in such manner as the department may prescribe, or to accept suitable work when offered to him/her by the employment office or by any employer. The employer must notify the Department within 7 days of the offer of work.

    Section 402(a.1) provides a claimant is ineligible for compensation for any week in which the unemployment is due to failure to accept an offer of suitable full-time work in order to pursue seasonal or part-time employment.

    The responsibility rests with the Department to determine whether the work that was offered was suitable. (see "Due to unsuitable work"). If the work is determined to be suitable, the claimant must show that he/she had good cause to refuse the referral or to refuse the offer or suitable work to be eligible.

  • faes
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    4 years ago

    a million. No company expects a directly reaction. If the McJob makes an grant, ask for a while to contemplate it. 2. you're no longer required to settle for an grant it somewhat is actual under what you have been earning on your previous activity. 3. once you turn down a job, you're asked for a reason. such issues as pay too low, incorrect shift, too distant, no longer qualified, crap reward in comparison to final activity, and so forth. are all valid reasons for turning it down that isn't influence your reward. 4. If push is composed of shove, take the McJob. Then if McDreamJob comes by using, vote with your ft. there's no regulation that publicizes you are able to artwork for an company for any set length of time. i've got walked on a crap activity earlier the tip of the 1st shift whilst the grant that i truly wanted got here by using.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

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