Anyone know the name of this playstation 1 rpg?

This is from over a decade ago. As a kid, I rented from blockbuster a rpg for the playstation one. It started off with you wandering down a road, using a sword as a walking stick, only to collapse. Forgot why you collapse, forgot why the sword is important to you.

Anyways a woman (the primary female protagonist) and her brother (a sword smith) find you. Depending on how you answer their questions, they start to like or hate you. The interesting part of the game was that you could only make more powerful swords by building stronger bonds with the women around you. So basically you initiated a date, they'd ask/say random stuff and you'd pick one of several answers, hoping that was what they wanted to hear.

The game is pretty fuzzy for me until the end. I remember being in a castle and walking down the hall in a cut-scene when the girls were talking about who they liked. They asked the girl who first found me who she liked and I had a choice between listening in and respecting her privacy. I chose the former and the door flew open, thwarting me, causing me to pretend like I was just innocently walking down the hall.

I think there were at least 3 or 4 girls, I remember my colors being primarily yellow/orange/red. I think I had brown spiky hair. I remember having to run around towns randomly clicking on stuff to find some sort of points I had to collect in order to date the girls.

I thought the title was something like 'Wild Arms' or 'Thousand Arms' but according to the store on the ps3, I am wrong.

Anyone remember this ancient game? I was a kid back then so I remember not understanding a lot of what they talked about and wanted to play through it again. Thanks in advance!


I forgot to mention that the sword you use as a walking stick breaks and the brother chastises you abusing the poor sword.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You are correct sir, it's 'Thousand Arms', here's a synopsis:

    The vile Dianova Empire is bent on conquering the world and Meis Triumph won't stand for it! Son of a Spirit Blacksmith, you must learn to temper weapons and make them stronger by using the loving spirit of lovely ladies. Go on dates with nine women (not all at once of course), each with differing personalities. Build strong relationships with each of them to unlock new combat abilities. Battles with enemies are waged one-on-one, in turn-based fashion.

    - Go on dates with 9 beautiful women to learn new powers and the ability to create elemental weapons!

    - Packed with stunning anime sequences and 12 hours of interactive voice dialogue.

    - Explore a fully realistic 3D world filled with adventure.

    - Unleash the fury of attacks such as tornado voice and rock geyser.

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