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I need 3.. What does Basal Metabolism rate depends on?




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    AGE: BMR tends to decrease as we get older because of increased percentage body fat; children have a higher BMR because of the energy cost of growth

    • SIZE: BMR tends to be greater in tall, thin people

    • BODY COMPOSITION: Those with a high percentage lean body mass (low percentage fat) tend to have high BMRs because muscle is metabolically more active than fat

    • BREAST-FEEDING: BMR is higher in nursing mothers than other women, because of the energy cost of synthesizing milk

    • DIETING: BMR decreases during a weight-loss diet, fasting, or starvation

    • EXERCISE: BMR increases with regular, very strenuous exercise, but is probably little affected by moderate levels of activity

    • MALNUTRITION: BMR decreases during malnutrition

    • PREGNANCY: BMR increases during pregnancy

    • SEX: BMR is higher in males than females even at the same body weight because of their relatively large bulk of muscle

    • STRESS: BMR increases during periods of emotional stress

    • THYROID ACTIVITY: BMR is regulated by a hormone, thyroxine, secreted by the thyroid gland. It increases if the thyroid is overactive and decreases if the thyroid is underactive

    • WEATHER: BMR increases during both very cold and hot weather.

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