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I Am Number Four Movie Technology?

During the movie at there's a scene where Henri (Timothy Olyphant) uses his computer to search the web for all photos of "John" (Alex Pettyfer) so that they may be deleted/unaccounted for. An example of this is when we see John on his laptop checking up on Sarah Hart's Photography Website which currently has a few pictures of him on it but then, courtesy of Henri, we see the photos no longer available (insert John sad face).

I was wondering if this certain technology ('Photograph Remover') is actually real in our lifetime or is it just a cool gadget just for this movie? If real please can you inform me as to as much information on it as possible. I'm working on a 15 (!) page essay ( and I'm researching up on Movie Tech that represents the 21st century [more in-depth than that]. This would really help out. Please and Thank you!

P.s. If you have any input as to other technology items (for the paper) please feel free to help out! I already have suggestions on Avatar (obviously), Bones: Angela's Machine(s), G.I. Joe Movie, Multiple Sci-fi Gadgets, James Bond, The Dark Knight, etc... [Spy Gadgets, Crime Show Forensics, Weaponry, Bio-tech, etc... are all topics that can be included] Thank you!!!!!

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    I would think that it exists, there are great face recognition software our there, and Google will let you search objects so faces can't be much farther along.

    Right now you can image search any one who has a NAMED pic on the web. I just did me and there are 3, 1 I didn't put up (My sister). (just google your name and select images)

    As far as deleting the source pics that would be not only difficult, but illegal. You'd have to hack into the site and then into the computer that holds the original image.

    Great movie plot device but not practical in real world.

    Check out some of the late 70 movies, like Soylent Green, and Silent Running, Capricorn One, the original Planet of the Apes, 2001 Space Odyssey, and of course the original Star Trek. There is a lot of tech in those that became real. plus they are fun movies.

    And I almost forgot, Full Body Scanners... they were in Total Recall, excellent scene when they chase Arnold through them and you see the skeletons running... good times...

    Have fun with it. Sounds like a great report. You should post it when you're done.

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    There is face recognition technology, but it's not well perfected. The images need to be pretty straightforward for it to register properly.

    What occurred in the movie to Alex Rider (or whatever the hell the guy's name is), couldn't happen today. But it probably will in the future.

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