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More touchdowns Rec this year DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin?

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    I think the Wide-Out with the most touchdowns this year, will be Jeremy Maclin. Maclin is more of a reliable, and strong wide-receiver, who can get you tough yards. Jackson is more elusive, and more so a bigger deep threat than Maclin. If you had to classify these receivers, you'd say Maclin is like a Possession receiver, and Jackson is more over a Deep Threat. Vick will likely go to Jackson for a long, down-field pass, for bug gains and big plays. Maclin will get a better opportunity to catch passes 40-Yards or closer to the end-zone than anyone else on the team. Maclin is also better at running short, crisp routes for easy scores, and good yards. He can make sure that he runs great routes, and gets open for Vick to throw to him when Jackson is being covered down-field.

    I think Jackson is more over a big-play guy, and Maclin is a strong Wide-Receiver.

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    Maclin... he runs better short routes and he is taller which fits good for red zone opportunities. Jackson is more of a quick downfield threat kinda guy, I think he'll have more yards by seasons end but Maclin should have more TDs.

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    Greg Jennings

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