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Moving to Puerto Vallarta!!!?

I'm getting all my research done for my move to PV and I need some help!!! Where is a good location to live and be near shopping, the beach, resorts(for work), etc? I also need some advice on seeking employment. I am bilingual but not completely fluent in Spanish. Are there US companies that pay US wages? On average what would the cost of living be? Rent, food expense, entertainment? If you could provide some websites to job classifieds and rent classifieds I would greatly appreciate it! More than anything I need an idea of what I am getting myself into… THANK YOU!!! oh and i've already looked at mano a mano

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  • 10 years ago
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    There are 4 main areas that would be good, depending on your skills and the type of job you are seeking:

    1) Near the hotel zone in Puerto Vallarta (potential employers include Sheraton Bugenvillas, Bay View Grand, Friendly, Peninsula Mall, Le Leche restaurant, etc)

    2) Nuevo Vallarta (potential employers include Vallarta Adventures tour company, lots of time share and resorts like Mayan Resorts, RIU Resorts, Marival, etc.)

    3) Punta de Mita (potential employers include Four Seasons Resort, St. Regis, restaurants, etc)

    4) Fluvial Vallarta (potential employers include Coscto as well as stores in shopping malls Gallerias, Plaza Caracol, etc)

    Also, The Hard Rock Hotels are taking over the Palace in Puerto Vallarta and bringing a casino with them.

    Websites include:





    Three main suggestions are creating an internet based business, working in a call center geared towards North Americans, or providing assistance or services to Canadians and Americans (you understand what they expect, speak English fluently) such as property management, real estate sales, tours, personal concierge, etc.

    There are a variety of low cost housing places available in each of these areas except for Punta de Mita (then it's more difficult but depending on the job you may make more money in high season). Typical cost of living for basic items starts at $600 dollars to $1200 dollars depending on housing costs, amenities, etc. For example, in Bucerias Terralta 1 rentals are approx. 5000 pesos, Terralta 2 rentals 7,000 pesos, Terralta 3 (swimming pool, 24-7 security, common areas) rentals 9,000 pesos per month for a 3 bedroom 2.5 bath 2 level townhome in a nice community. Food from the markets costs about $500 pesos ($40 dollars)

    per week, eating out can be the same price as Canada, or much less depending on if you like tacos, or prefer 5 star dining. Utility bills are pretty low (gas for the year: $80 dollars, water bill for the year: about $100 dollars, electricity entirely depends on how much you use air conditioning! Could be $30 dollars a month, could be $300 dollars a month if you like your house like an ice box all the time. Most of the year we don't even turn our air conditioning on at all. Car insurance is about 1/3 the cost or less. Gas is about 78 cents a liter.

    If you are working here, you do need to apply for a working visa. Once you find a job, apply for an FM3 ( - it costs a few hundred dollars and takes a few weeks.

    To find a place to live, contact an agent (it doesn't cost you anything and you have someone who knows the area). Here are a few suggestions: (they do luxury properties and budget properties), visit the news sites above, go to, and use Google to view the properties.

    Source(s): Personal experience - I have moved from Canada to Mexico and work in the Puerto Vallarta area. (they do luxury properties and budget properties)
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    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    Well in Puerto Vallarta there are many jobs at a hotels and tourist attractions and they always need people who speak english. The fact that you speak both languages and have the permission to work in Mexico will be good for you... you can get an apartment for pretty cheap in Mexico, you just have to look to find it and that usually means looking at Mano a Mano, they have a classified site online too just google "mano a mano puerto vallarta" and you'll find it and then you will see apartments are cheap. You can get a small studio downtown for $2000 pesos furnished & with internet for example. On mano a mano there are also many jobs listings including many for hotels. Think about how much you will spend for rent and give yourself 3 months to be safe to get a job... and just remember that the pay in Puerto Vallarta is a lot less than the USA... so if I were you I would work and save as much as possible before going back.... working at a hotel in Vallarta, you will be asked to work 6 days a week, 8 or 9 hours a day and will probably make less than $20 a day... or $6,000 pesos a month (less than $600). Just take a look at the classified site to get yourself a good idea... you will be fine...

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    4 years ago

    Vallarta Careers

  • 5 years ago

    Mano A Mano Puerto Vallarta

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    6 years ago

    This Site Might Help You.


    Moving to Puerto Vallarta!!!?

    I'm getting all my research done for my move to PV and I need some help!!! Where is a good location to live and be near shopping, the beach, resorts(for work), etc? I also need some advice on seeking employment. I am bilingual but not completely fluent in Spanish. Are there US companies that...

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    5 years ago

    Greetings, Rather than call you "illegal", I would instead say that you are "undocumented". As a native-born US citizen who can trace his origins back to before the US became a country, I would say that you are no less "American" than I. I am also a 12 year resident of Puerto Vallarta, and I believe that your chances of success are good. In spite of a down-turn in the tourist and hospitality industries, there is still a demand for young, energetic, and talented people in this beautiful city. Work experience is work experience, and valuable no matter where you obtain it. I would bring enough money to support myself for a year. The cost of living here can approach that of a major US city, but if you choose to live away from the beach and prepare your own meals, you can live on half of what you would spend north of the border. Vallarta is a small town within a big that I mean that social contacts are extremely important in finding work. When you get here, concentrate on making friends...good friends, who can hook you up with people who can offer you work. Be prepared to earn less than you would at a comparable job in the US, and be prepared to work longer hours and Saturdays, too. Que te vaya bien.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You could teach English. They call Puerto Vallarta the Mexican San Francisco, that should give you a idea on cost of living.

  • 10 years ago

    Reality check. Your other question asked about cosmetology. I live near Lake Chapala. Haircuts/ blow dry at very nice, upscale salons cost between $10 and 20. Manicures cost $12. You are going to need to become very fluent in Spanish to expect to work or go to school. How else can you expect to interact with co-workers or the Mexican speaking public? Jobs are scarce since hundreds of thousands of young bi-lingual college educated Mexicans are unemployed or underemployed.

  • 10 years ago

    "Kapn" is right. Unless you are remarkably educated and skilled, you will not be able to find an employer to sponsor your work visa...which is the only way to get one. To get a residence visa you need income from outside Mexico. Unless you are retired with a pension or are wealthy, it is simply not possible for you to support yourself in Mexico.

  • 10 years ago

    Look, i am Going to Montemorelos which is an International school and why i go is because i am a Fluent Spanish speaker since i was small. In Mexico you need to have your Spanish FLUENT or else you are going to have a bad time...Ex: A Mexican not being fluent on English...But it's your life go head and do what you think it's best for you..

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