Okay I'm looking for a costume to wear to go clubbing for Halloween this weekend. I don't want to wear anything stupid like playboy bunny, maid outfit or a slutty version of anything. And also something that I wont see 5 other people wearing on the night lol. I still want something that looks good though. Here is a photo of me, I'm on the left:…

What do you think will suit me? I need something I can put together myself. Costume shops are too expensive and I don't have time to order online . I was thinking to maybe go as Medusa? And just wear a black dress, curl my hair, put small rubber snakes in my hair and wear gladiator sandals?

Cheers x

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  • 8 years ago
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    Medusa is nice and unique and you can wear your own black dress with it. I like that idea and you could also be mother earth if you just add plastic flowers - string them all over yourself and make a headwreath. Or if you have a white dress, just add a gold belt or gold accents to be a goddess.

    All I can think of that's unique and not a cat or devil. have fun!

  • 3 years ago

    nicely, i'm not gonna say that I not in any respect dress "whore-ish" yet I do have self comprehend, and my objective in existence isn't to dress like a whore daily, compared to many different women. I dont understand the completed halloween element both. in college women theory of a dress is mouse ears, the SHORTEST skirt attainable, with a low shrink abdomen button excellent, OR a red tutu with out leggings, and the tutu doesn't conceal your ***, with some fairy wings. that's ridicoulous. I agree. that's not captivating, that's in basic terms embarrasing, and disrespecting your self.

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