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Arrow vs Bulletproof Vest?

Direct from Second Chance:

"I contacted one of the guys in our test lab. He said that none of our ballistic soft body that he has tested can stop an arrow. It would require armor piercing steel reinforcement (trauma plate) to stop it. Our multi-threat 3A ballistics and level 3 stab has not been tested. He said that could possibly stop it.

Debbie Grise

Customer Service

Second Chance Armor, Inc

Armor Holdings, LLC

800/253-7090 (ext 226)"

I reckon that finishes that discussion.

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    I really don’t see a question here. It’s more of a statement.

    Also have you considered it’s called a ‘bullet proof’ NOT ‘arrow proof’ vest.

    Fact is none are bullet proof, just bullet resistant.

    Another thing; why just pick bullet proof vests and not puncture resistant vests. After all an arrow punctures like a knife.

    Id would bet they don’t stop cannon balls and cars too. Heck I have a feeling it wouldn’t stop this either;

    Personally I think this whole thing is redundant. I mean really are the police being attacked by bowmen? Are banks being robbed by criminals armed with bows? How many of our troops in Iraq were shot with a bow?

    So what’s the point? That a vest designed to stop bullets won’t stop arrows it’s not designed to stop?

    You know I have sun glasses designed to filter out some sunlight. But they just won’t work to filter out enough light when I’m using a arc wielder. Maybe it’s because they aren’t designed to!

    By the way they did make something to stop arrows. It’s called chainmail. Now back in the 12th century they had poor metals that when used for chainmail didn’t perform well. But I guarantee you if you made some chain mail out of D2 steel its going to stop arrows.

    Since some are so concerned with stopping arrows maybe there is a market now for modern chainmail armor. So you have your chainmail layers of D2 and titanium steel, then Kevlar layers then ceramic plates. Now your ready for the Apache Killer zombies with their bows, spears and automatic weapons!

    Next we compare a lawn mower with a hair clippers. Lmao!

    Ok I’ve been drinking so I apologize for being so cynical.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I even have in no way seen a attempt like that achieved. I even have seen a espresso can packed with sand supply up a .30-30 win bullet lifeless with out penatraiting the different part whilst an arrow fired from a recurve bow pentraited with the aid of and with the aid of. Having seeing the bullet vs arrow demo i could say its real. Its no longer the value however the element of touch if I undergo in ideas real.

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    A crossbow could most likely go threw the kevlar vest. remember bullets dont cut threw objects, they use blunt force to get threw objects. Clothing is hard to get threw with blunt force, thats basically what kevlar is, its just very strong fibers that are weaved into a clothing like sheet. then layered to prevent the bullet from making it threw. a arrow has sharp razor edges that can cut threw the kevlar. Now some Kevlar vest can have ceramic plating placed in pockets of the vest that your arrow will not be able to cut threw. Then thats when you consider having a high powered rifle like a AK-47 that will go threw the plates and the vest.

  • Bob
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    A pocket knife will defeat a vest. Not sure what discussion you're ending.

    Water is wet.

    The sky is up.

    That $2 hooker probably has an std.

    I reckon that finishes 3 more discussions.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    A high powered crossbow like the rhino hunter will go through but if your talking those small kiddies things then the vest would stop it with ease

  • Angus
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    9 years ago

    Troys answer is good.

    I think Bear Crap likes to drink alone with his buddies Blacky and Red

  • Irv S
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    9 years ago

    Kevlar isn't going to deal with a sharp broadhead, period.

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    Source(s): Bear Crap; you mean all this time using sunglasses when welding.... I was doing it wrong?.
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    Source(s): You confused me as this is not a question
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