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Trade Steve smith for Michael Vick?

I need a QB to give me the edge. I have Matt Ryan on a Bi this week. I picked up Dalton for now. I have a pretty solid RB crew with Chris Johnson, Fred Jackson, Mat Forte, and Murray from Dallas. My receivers are Smith, Nate Washington, Early Doucet, Roddy White and Greg little. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Agreed with the answer above me I still have that worry for mike vick that hes going to get hurt at some point this year and by hurt I mean out for the season or missing 3 to 4 games I could be wrong but personally I think its a gamble to ever take someone like vick. Daltons been def. solid this year a nice surprise seeing that I'm a bengals fan :) I'd keep smith hes tearin it up maybe try and trade murray for a decent QB hes hot right now and who knows maybe he won't show up again

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    In my opinion, it is easier to find a decent QB with a good matchup on the free agent list, than it is to find a good receiver. Mike Vick received a lot of hype from his late season performance last year, but has struggled at times to find his rhythm. If you take Steve Smith out of your lineup, you are kind of hurting at the WR spot.

    I would look at the waiver wire pickups, cause Steve Smith is a heavy price to pay, especially when you are weak in WR's.

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    No Way. that would leave you really weak at WR. & Vick is not that good. Pickup Tebow if he is still there, or Ponder. If you trade anyone, trade Chris Johnson, but try for better than Vick. Smith is your most reliable WR in a bunch of unreliable WR's, keep him

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    Yea do it. Vick will pay big dividends later in the year as the Eagles heat up.

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    No way. I comprehend no longer wanting Vick, yet till you're particularly hurting at WR, i basically won't be able to assert it particularly is clever. Who knows what S.Smith will do together with his new commencing QB- he might get extra effective, or issues might worsen (the two might desire to take place). I particularly have some ppl on the waiver cord that i might p.c.. up earlier making this commerce. Clayton (Rams) Washingtion (Titans) as an occasion. think of of it this way- in case you finally end up enjoying this team interior the playoffs with Vick as his QB1, there's a much extra effective hazard of him beating you as against what he has now. FF isn't very almost week to week, however the long-term technique as nicely. Is Vick going that can assist you interior the long-term? probable no longer. Is Vick going to help the different participant a week? maximum particularly. Now if he starts sucking, then it particularly is a various tale. i does no longer commerce Vick and his 20-30 FP a interest for absolutely everyone decrease than somebody who will continuously post those varieties of numbers. Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, Wes Welker spring to suggestions.

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