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Wanna write me some geometry proofs?

So I'll most likely do most of this myself but if you happen to be good at geometry (this is beginner level) and have some free time it would be much appreciated. I have to write proofs for the following things (and it's a completion grade so it doesn't have to be perfect):

1. CN=WN, Angle C= Angle W


2. Angle S=Angle I, Angle G= Angle A

T is the midpoint of SI

Is SG = IA?


Is Angle E=Angle R?

4. HALF is a parallelogram.

Is HA = HF?

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  • kochan
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    3 years ago

    ok. Ur no longer on my own on the beginning up i presumed it grew to become into very difficult too! After the given U ought to be sure if the subsequent step got here from the given or they further it from the image this is continually going to be the two section or attitude addition= ab+bc=ac a brilliant form of the time this is substitution the place u replace one value with yet another. a brilliant form of the time this is a particular theorem or postulate and you will ought to memorize those...what form of proofs are you doing?? desire this permits!! ultimate answer is favored :)

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  • 8 years ago

    ur lazy

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