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If you speak to a therapist and admit that you're having suicidal thoughts, do they have to report this?

I have been married for 3 years to an alcoholic who has become extremely abusive. I recently reached out to a therapist to seek Psychotherapy for severe depression. When my husband found out, he berated me for admitting to having suicidal thoughts because he said that the therapist has to report this and I may be made a ward of the state and I could be put away or it could be on my record and affect my chances of ever getting a job, credit etc. I don't know if he's telling me the truth because this is part of the abusive nature of this relationship but am now fearful. I told the therapist that I have had suicidal thoughts. I have even looked at my husband's gun and thought that it could be over in a second but I will not do it. I have kids and would never put them through that. I told the therapist that my feelings of despair and helplessness lead to these thoughts. I have felt so trapped in this abusive relationship and have no way of leaving him, yet. Please help. I am now feeling even more anxious since he told me this. I live in the State of California.


Thank you so much to those who have reached out and provided some peace of mind. I did have a feeling that my husband was manipulating me once again. He does not want me to seek help because he's afraid of being exposed. I'm definitely not in danger of committing suicide even though these thoughts have crossed my mind. Unfortunately my husband overheard me talking about this and that's why the issue came up. He railed on at me for an hour about how stupid I am to have told anyone that I feel suicidal and said I could be locked away and this would be on my record forever and prevent me from getting a job or credit. This made me feel really afraid and so your answers have helped me. I will be able to sleep tonight.

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    Your therapist does not have to report that to anyone. Everything you say is confidential.

    The most important thing that you've said is " I have kids and would never put them through that" that sentence alone is enough for your therapist to know that you feel suicidal but, you would never act on those thoughts.

    Your husband is wrong and is most likely manipulating you. I'm also in Ca. and have told my therapist about my suicidal thoughts and like you, I wouldn't act on them because of my children.

    I hope knowing this will help to ease your mind.

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    No. Having suicidal thoughts and being suicidal are not the same thing anyway. Also, your medical records are private. Even if you became suicidal and were admitted to a hospital involuntarily, that isn't going to affect your credit or odds of having a job. Your husband is an abusive alcoholic and you need to leave.

    Source(s): Have a mood disorder, suicidal thoughts and attempts on medical records but, a job and credit. Neither my employer nor my bank have access to or knowledge of my diagnosis and medical history.
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    The state of Cali can only admit you for 72 hours, it wont affect your credit or ability to find a job. These records are private. Get away from him, he is breaking you and your kids will pay for it.

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    Look there for help with your situation. No, you would not become a ward of the state for depression or suicidal thoughts. You should talk to someone, don't be afraid of the consequences, they will only try to help you and protect you from your husband.

    I wish you the best.

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    You'll probably be referred to a psychiatrist to be put on medication to stabilize your mood.

    They'll only put you into a ward or hold your overnight if they think you are at the point where you are honestly going to act on the suicidal thoughts.

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    No that's not true. And it could not affect your chances of getting a job because that would be discrimination. Mental Health is covered in the ADA. Your safe.

    Source(s): State Trooper
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    No. I've told my therapist that I have suicidal thoughts and they didn't report it. I believe if you say you have attempted suicide they may report it.

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    In England, yes. but Americas laws are just as ridiculous as ours so god knows. Google it.

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